Brazilian artist Reinaldo Rivero presents 'Samba' at Guiniguada

“Sometimes people need to go far away from home to understand their roots. To fall in love again with what, being close, has always looked at with indifference. To have the desire to blend in and take on what has always been around them." These words of the Argentine writer Héctor Tizón describe very well the feelings of Reinaldo Ribeiro, dancer and choreographer, in the creation and staging of Samba, a dance solo that he presents today, at 8:00 p.m., at the Guiniguada Theater. Tickets are available on the space website at eight euros.

It is the proposal for the month of February of Guiniguada en Danza, the programming line with which the space managed by the Autonomous Government in the capital of Gran Canaria commits itself to dance artists and audiences, also trying to reach new audiences.

Samba is a dance solo by Reinaldo Ribeiro in which the artist, born in Rio de Janeiro, looks back to his roots and uses the biggest outdoor show, Carnival, as a backdrop. From there, he reveals a body divided and immersed in a contradictory context: unconsciously driven by religion, a few days of madness are celebrated before the "goodbye to meat", origin of the word "carnival".

And, in this way, although the inspiration and imagery come from something very personal to the creator, Samba is a starting point to question universal issues such as the body, immigration, queerness, politics, gender or violence.

An artistic discourse that emerged, precisely, in the creative process, which was evolving as a result of experiences and discoveries that the artist experienced along the way. “I found a carnival photo that I had saved,” explains Ribeiro. "It all made sense: I realized that all the physical and conceptual material created so far was taking me to a place that was very much mine."

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