Brazilian actor Paulo Gustavo, victim of covid-19, dies at 42

Rio de Janeiro, May 4 (EFE) .- Brazilian actor and comedian Paulo Gustavo, one of the most recognized artists in the country, died this Tuesday at the age of 42, a victim of covid-19, a disease he was fighting against. in a hospital for about two months, as confirmed by his press office.

The protagonist of the successful trilogy "Minha Mãe É uma Peça" was admitted to the Copa Star Hospital in Rio de Janeiro since last March 13 and since then he suffered ups and downs in his health condition that led him to be intubated for weeks in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Last Sunday, the comedian also suffered a pulmonary embolism and this Tuesday the doctors reported that his condition was "irreversible", despite the fact that he still maintained his vital signs, which were permanently turned off a few hours later.

Paulo Gustavo Amaral Monteiro de Barros was born in Niteroi, in the metropolitan area of ​​Rio de Janeiro, on October 30, 1978 and had a meteoric rise in his career, which began in the theater.

Trained in performing arts in 2005, the first piece in which he participated was "O surto" (El Brote), where he presented for the first time the character that would mark his entire career, Doña Hermínia, inspired by his own mother.

Starting in 2006, he embarked on his own show, the monologue "Minha Mãe É uma Peça", which was hugely successful throughout the country and eventually turned into a film trilogy.

Before, he acted occasionally in soap operas and television comedy shows, where he also managed to have his own space through "220 Volts", which aired on the Multishow pay channel between 2011 and 2016.

Paulo Gustavo had his first appearance in the cinema in 2009, in the comedy "Diva", by José Alvarenga Junior.

But it was in 2013 when his greatest success began, with the premiere of the first part of "Minha Mãe É uma Peça", the first of the feature films about the adventures of Doña Hermínia and which placed him in the forefront of the best-known actors of Brazil.

In 2016, the second part would arrive to conclude the saga in December 2019, three months before the outbreak of the pandemic in Brazil, which has already killed more than 410,000 people in the country and infected about 15 million, according to data from the Ministry. of health.

The third part became a national phenomenon, with almost 12 million viewers and the highest grossing ever recorded in the entire history of Brazilian cinema, with 182 million reais (33.5 million dollars).

Paulo Gustavo had been married since 2015 to the doctor Thales Bretas. They both became parents to one-year-old Romeu and Gael through the surrogate pregnancy technique performed in America.


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