May 13, 2021

Brazil will collect in 2019 its second largest harvest since 1975

Brazil will collect in 2019 its second largest harvest since 1975

Brazil, one of the largest food producers in the world, will collect in 2019 an agricultural harvest of 233.4 million tons, the second largest in its historical series since 1975, representing an increase of 3.1% in relation to the last year, the Government reported today.

According to the third projection of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (Ibge), the area to be harvested in 2019 amounts to 62.2 million hectares, an increase of 2.1% compared to 2018 .

If the forecast is met, this year's grain harvest will be the second largest in the historical series, which began in 1975 and whose record was reached in 2017 with a total production of 240.6 million tons.

Among the products that will boost the growth of the harvest in 2019 is corn, with an increase in production estimated at 8.6% by the Institute thanks to the rainy season was ahead.

The estimates also foresee increases in soybean production, (0.8%) and in cotton (6.6%).

At the opposite pole, falls are expected in the rice crop (-4.8%) and in the first bean crop (-8%).

Regarding the production of 2018, the Institute reported that it was 5.9% lower than that of 2017.

The December estimate for the national grain harvest in 2018 was 226.5 million tons, 5.9% lower than that obtained in 2017.

Of the main products, there were falls of 18.3% in the corn crop and 5.8% in the rice crop, while the soybean crop increased by 2.5%.


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