March 9, 2021

Brazil supports Paraguay's president in the face of an energy pact crisis

The Brazilian government said Thursday that the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, who faces a serious political crisis following an energy agreement signed with Brazil, meets "all conditions" to "continue conducting" the development project of his country .

"The development of Paraguay and its active participation as a valuable member of Mercosur and the hemispheric community is of great interest to Brazil, the Brazilian Government is convinced that President Mario Abdo (Benítez) meets all the conditions to continue conducting that project" , said the Brazilian Foreign Ministry in a statement.

The declaration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took place while the cancellation of the agreement was reported in Asunción.

In the controversial agreement, signed last May but only made public last week, the annual contract for the distribution of the Itaipu hydroelectric power plant, the second largest in the world and shared by Paraguay and Brazil, was defined.

The Paraguayan opposition has accused the Government of Abdo Benítez of "secrecy" and surrendering sovereignty to Brazil, and has promoted in Congress a political trial against the president.

The Brazilian Executive expressed, on the other hand, that it accompanies "with great attention" the "process" against Abdo Benítez and trusts that this "will be conducted" without "breaking the democratic order" and "respecting the commitments" assumed in Mercosur, block that make up Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

He also highlighted the "excellent level" of the relationship between the two countries, with the implementation of "initiatives of great positive impact for Paraguay" on "economic, physical integration and public safety."

In this regard, he hopes that cooperation with the Paraguayan president "can continue" for the "mutual benefit implementation of the two countries' commitments" in the Itaipu Treaty.

"That unprecedented improvement in the Brazil-Paraguay relationship is due, more than any other factor, to the excellent personal relationship between presidents Mario Abdo (Benítez) and Jair Bolsonaro" and "to the determination of both to act, so joint, for the benefit of its people, "added the note.

According to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is a "convergence of values" in the Governments of both nations, especially as regards "the promotion of democracy in the region and the protection of family rights."

The political crisis in Paraguay due to the agreement considered harmful to the country was exacerbated on Wednesday with information splashing the questioned negotiations with the vice president, Hugo Velázquez, and with the resignation of the fifth member of the cabinet so far this week.

To this was added the announcement of the Liberal Party, the largest of the opposition, that it will promote a political trial in Congress against Abdo Benítez and against Velázquez, both of the Colorado Party.

According to the Paraguayan opposition, the agreement that ended up benefiting Brazilian companies in the distribution of energy was negotiated by representatives of the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry that separated the technical regulators in Paraguay from the talks.

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