July 9, 2020

Brazil reiterates the need to postpone reforms to avoid protests

Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes reiterated this Sunday the need to postpone economic reforms to avoid protests such as those that have expanded in various Latin American countries.

In an interview with the newspaper O Globo, Guedes emphasized that the president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has not given up his intention to carry out other reforms, such as the administrative one, but admitted that the Government has put the brake on a question of "time politicians".

"There will be administrative reform. Only, at this time, you give a pretext for others to ride. When you place four reforms, at least one begins to make noise," said the head of Economy.

Guedes said that, although at the moment there has been no major demonstration against the economic policy of the Government, "there are people calling" to go to the streets.

"Call for a demonstration with order, peaceful, as they do almost every weekend, no problem. Now, calling to go to the street to do the same as in Chile and break it all was somewhat insane, irresponsible," stressed the minister.

The economist defended the implementation of liberal reforms to "resume the path of sustainable growth" and thus reduce the risk of "what happened in Argentina", but stressed the need to evaluate their "political process" .

"We were on the road and there, suddenly, confusion begins in Latin America. Disorder, there the political time begins to change," he said.

The Government approved this year the controversial reform of the pension system, which increases the minimum retirement age for men and women, and studies, among others, a reform of the administration and another tax.

On the privatization project promoted by the Government, he admitted that it is being more difficult than initially planned, but noted that so far it reached 100,000 million reais (about 23,810 million dollars).

Guedes said the government will try to "sell everything" to rebalance the battered public accounts of the country and said that a privatization project that could grant 250,000 million reais (about 60,000 million dollars) to state chests is under study, although He avoided giving details of it.

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