April 20, 2021

Brazil punishes Spain in the second challenge

Brazil punishes Spain in the second challenge

The Brazilian futsal team defeated the Spanish team (1-3) in the second game of the 'friendly' challenge that measured both world champions in the WiZink Center in Madrid, thanks to a sensational first half and the stops of Guita, savior of the South Americans in the second round.

Spain wanted, but could not. Those of Fede Vidal granted in excess in the initial act and in spite of his awakening in the second, he never gave the sensation of being able to revert the duel. The Brazilian goalkeeper was responsible for frustrating all the responses of 'La Roja' in a game that was more than on track at the end of the first 20 minutes.

The combined 'verdeamarelho' signed an impeccable first part. He found the goal very soon, in a play by right wing that resolved Gadeia with a good shot. The wing of Movistar Inter shot without giving options to Juanjo and paved the way for his team. From that moment on, only occasions came for the five-time world champions.

Barça Ferrao called in two reverse master and only the fifth foul in minute 13 contained the impetus 'Brazilian'. Aicardo pulled his face in a caste action and Miguelín tried his luck in a ride of his own, but it was the pupils of Marquinhos Xavier who filled the bag just before halftime.

First was Daniel after dialing an empty door by Rodrigo and then Pito's fantasy arrived, that marked with a sensational vaseline making -even aesthetic- the way the leather had to contact the nets. The 0-3 put out a Spain that changed face in the second half.

The old Palacio de los Deportes, which also hosted the Spanish Cup with much success less than a year ago, re-populated its stands, but this time the cold environment did not benefit the national team. Despite the commitment of the 'speaker' to infect the rostrum with their proclamations, it had to be Sergio Lozano who asked for one more point of passion. An unpinned penalty ended by turning on (at least) the fire.

Spain grew in their football, in their combinations and, above all, in their desire to balance the score and the differences of both teams. The 'buffalo' was the first to test Guita with a sensational thud and, two minutes later, Spain found the prize in baby boots. The ElPozo player shot in the heart of the area.

The 1-3 encouraged those of Fede Vidal, who did not play the game as a friendly, and squeezed their own to wipe the rent and dream of a comeback. However, neither Spain found the treasure, nor did the second goal come despite the 'goalkeeper-player' with five minutes remaining. The challenge was in the hands of the 'canarinha' and this 'new' Spain must already think about the qualification for the Lithuanian World Cup next year.



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