Brazil picks up a record coffee harvest in 2018

Brazil picks up a record coffee harvest in 2018

Brazil, the world's largest producer and exporter of coffee, this year picked up a record harvest of 61.7 million bags (60 kilos), representing an increase of 37% compared to last year, reported the Government today.

According to the latest forecast of the year disclosed by the state-run National Compania de Abastecimiento (Conab), this is the largest crop recorded in the historical series of the grain, surpassing in about 10 million bags the best performance already recorded by the South American giant in 2016

The positive result was attributed to the favorable climatic conditions, the technological improvements -mainly in the use of more productive varieties-, and that in 2018 Brazil is in the year of good productivity in the biannual harvest cycle.

The total amount of grain produced in Brazil encompasses Arabica and conilón coffee types.

For the arabian, the estimated production for this year is 47.5 million bags, 38.6% more than in 2017, and for the conilón 12.2 million bags are expected, an increase of 32.2% in relationship with last year, confirming Brazil as the largest coffee producer in the world.

The good results of coffee production in Brazil stand out even more if one takes into account that this year the area of ​​crops decreased.

The total cultivated area, which includes coffee plantations in formation and production throughout the country, stood at 2.16 million hectares in 2018, which represents a fall of 2.2% compared to the previous crop.

According to the Conab, this reduction is mainly due to the fields in formation, which went from 344.8 thousand hectares in 2017 to 294.1 thousand hectares this year.

However, the area in production remained stable, in the order of 1.8 million hectares.


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