Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

"Brazil needs to leave Twitter and go to real life," warns the president of the Lower House

"Brazil needs to leave Twitter and go to real life," warns the president of the Lower House

The president of the Lower House of Brazil, Rodrigo Maia, considered that the government of President Jair Bolsonaro is a "desert of ideas" and called on the president to "get out of Twitter and go to real life," in an interview published on Saturday. by the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo.

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Maia, who came to threaten this week with leaving the political articulation of Congress for the approval of the controversial pension reform proposed by Bolsonaro, urged him to be more "proactive".

"The president needs to take the leadership, be more proactive, his speech is: I am against the reform, but I have been forced to send it because if Brazil does not go bankrupt, he shows signs of insecurity in Parliament," he said.

Maia recalled that Bolsonaro does not have the necessary basis for the approval of the project, one of his main campaign promises, and urged the president to "build a dialogue with Parliament, with the leaders, with the parties."

"I make an alert: if the government does not organize its base, if it does not build dialogue with the deputies, it will be very difficult to approve the reform of the pension system", underlined the head of the Lower House.

The text, which is presented as essential to control the deficit public accounts of the country and ensure the credibility of the Government, will require the votes of 3/5 of both the deputies and the senators and in two shifts.

The deputy accused Bolsonaro of wanting to transfer to the presidents of the House and the Senate the responsibility for the approval of the project, with which the Government intends to save more than 265,000 million dollars in the next 10 years and thus balance the battered public accounts from the country.

One of the most novel points of the general proposal presented in February is to establish a minimum retirement age of 62 for women and 65 for men, since current regulations make it easier for retirees to retire in some cases. Be done before age 50

To this is added a specific proposal for the military, who have a differentiated quota system and with which they seek a saving of 2,780 million dollars in a decade, which is only 1% of what will be saved with the general proposal.

In the interview, Maia refuted the criticism received by some followers of Bolsonaro and warned that "Brazil needs to leave Twitter and go to real life," in a reference to the president, who has in social networks its main communication tool.

"Nobody gets a job, a place in a school, daycare thanks to Twitter, we need the country to have a project again, what is the Bolsonaro Government's project beyond the reform of the pension system? (...)", he questioned.

He added: "The Government is a desert of ideas".


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