March 6, 2021

Brazil has already asked for approval for a son of Bolsonaro to be an ambassador to the United States.

The president of Brazil, the ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro, said Friday that he already asked for the approval for his son Eduardo, 35, to be ambassador of the South American giant to the Government of the United States.

"I think yesterday the approval was sent," the Brazilian president told reporters as he left the presidential palace of La Alvorada.

The sending of the formal consultation to the United States was confirmed Friday by Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo, who was confident that the Trump administration will approve Bolsonaro's son.

"The approval was requested and according to diplomatic practice we await the American response, but I am very sure that it will be granted by the US Government and Eduardo Bolsonaro will be a great ambassador," Araújo said in a press conference, after a meeting of the foreign ministers of the member countries of the BRICS forum (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which took place in Rio de Janeiro.

With the sending of the formal consultation to the North American country, the intention is made that Eduardo Bolsonaro be Brazil's ambassador to the United States, announced as a possibility days ago by the ultra-rightist leader, and that has caused commotion in the South American country as a act of nepotism.

Bolsonaro, a professed admirer of Trump, whom he considers a role model, has repeatedly denied on several occasions that his son's designation is an act of nepotism.

The ultra-rightist, 64, believes that his son, who was elected Federal Deputy for Rio de Janeiro with the highest vote, has the skills to represent the South American giant and, in addition to speaking English and Spanish, has a good relationship with the children of the president of the United States.

According to the Supreme Court of Brazil, the appointment of a spouse or relative until the third degree of consanguinity for the exercise of a commission or trust position in any of the powers of the State would violate the Federal Constitution.

The Office of the Comptroller General of the State does not consider the same, which considers that the prohibition only refers to the appointment in administrative and non-political positions.

Eduardo Bolsonaro currently chairs the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and, so that he can assume as ambassador, in addition to having the approval of the US Government, he would have to resign his position and have the endorsement of the Senate.

The legislator has acted as a kind of informal chancellor and last March he accompanied the Brazilian president on his first official visit to the United States, where he participated in the meeting that Bolsonaro held with Trump in the oval room of the White House.

Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araújo was left out of this meeting, but, according to the official version of the Government, Eduardo participated in the meeting just because he would have been invited by the US president himself.

Brazil has not had a representative in the US capital for some months, when the diplomat Sergio Amaral was transferred from Washington to an office of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry in Sao Paulo.

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