Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Brazil exports 2.9 million bags of coffee in March

Brazil exports 2.9 million bags of coffee in March

Brazil, the largest producer and supplier of coffee in the world, exported 2.9 million bags of grain (60 kilos) last March, a volume 10% higher than in the same month of 2018, the Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil (Cecafé).

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It is the best result of the last five harvests, with 30.9 million bags exported by the South American giant, 30.3% more than those sent abroad in the same month of 2018, when the country shipped 23.7 million of sacks.

According to the balance drawn up by Cecafé, Brazil received 379.1 million dollars for grain exports during the third month of the year, but it fell by 11%, compared to March 2018, a drop that was also seen in the price of grain, which in the comparison had a decline of 19%.

However, the result is positive for the first quarter of 2019, which in total sold 9.9 million bags.

This represents a growth of 25.7% compared to the same period last year, which was also reflected in the revenues for the South American country.

Considering the sum of green, soluble and roasted and ground coffee, sales of grain during the first quarter of the year totaled 1.3 million dollars, 2.9% more than the revenues received by Brazil in the same period of 2018.

For this reason, the employers are optimistic about the results for the end of the coffee year.

"Brazil continues to serve its importers with competence, responsibility and in a sustainable manner, which is why we are moving to close the coffee year with optimal results, reaching a probable 40 million bags exported, a record historical volume for the period", highlights Nelson Carvalhaes, president of Cecafé, quoted in a statement.

As for the varieties exported in March, Arabica coffee accounted for 83.3% of the total volume, with 2.4 million bags shipped.

The soluble coffee followed with 323,000 bags sold, representing 10.9% of the total volume exported during the third month of the year.

The United States was the main buyer of coffee in Brazil in March with 1.8 million bags imported, equivalent to 18.2% of the total shipped during that month by Brazil.

Germany followed with 1.7 million bags purchased (17.2%) and Italy, with one million bags imported (10.5%).

Brazil exported 35.2 million bags in 2018, which meant an increase of 13.9% compared to 2017 and the best result since 2015, when 37 million bags were sold abroad.


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