July 12, 2020

Brazil exceeds 58,000 deaths and 1.36 million cases of coronavirus

Brazil recorded 692 deaths from the new coronavirus in the last day, bringing the total balance of victims to 58,314, while the number of cases already exceeds 1.36 million infected, the government reported Monday.

According to the most recent balance of the Ministry of Health, with 24,052 new infected in the last 24 hours, the South American giant reached 1,368,168 confirmed cases.

According to the report, of the total number of infections registered to date, there are 552,419 accompanying patients and 757,462 already recovered.

However, another 3,954 suspicious deaths are under investigation.


Brazil is the second country in the world most affected by the coronavirus, just behind the United States and continues to position itself as one of the global foci of the pandemic and the main epicenter of the coronavirus in Latin America.

Precisely this Monday the World Health Organization (WHO), pointed out that of the current deaths from the pandemic in the American continent, one in every four occurs in Brazil.

Likewise, one in four confirmed cases in the continent is also in the South American power, according to a press conference, the director of emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan.

“There is no doubt that Brazil still faces a great challenge,” recalled the official.


While several regions of Brazil reactivate their activities, others have had to back down on flexibility and some more are preparing for the opening of shops.

Such is the case of the state of Sao Paulo, the richest and most populous in Brazil with 46 million inhabitants, which last week announced the revival of economic activities in some of the municipalities.

As a way to prevent the spread of the virus amid easing, the Governor of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria announced on Monday a fine of 500 reais (about $ 92), as of July 1, for those who do not use the mask in public places and 5,000 reais (about $ 925) to commercial premises that do not require the use of the mask within their premises.

Sao Paulo, the region most affected by the pandemic, already has 14,398 deaths and 275,145 confirmed cases of COVID-19.

It is followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 111,883 confirmed cases, 9,848 victims, most of them in its eponymous capital, which continues to reactivate the economy with practically all commerce operating -although at reduced hours- as well as bars, restaurants and beauty salons.

This Monday the mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, met with directors of the city’s private schools with the proposal to start classes in August, but they were unable to reach an agreement.

Crivella, an evangelical pastor who is seeking re-election, has been harshly criticized for the rapid relaxation of measures that include even public participation for soccer games starting in mid-July, according to an announcement made by the burgomaster. last week.

The northeast region, made up of nine states, also exceeded the barrier of 459,708 infected and also has 18,566 deaths.

The most critical situation is in the state of Ceará, which accumulates 6,076 deaths and 108,225 confirmed cases, which is why it has ordered total confinement or “lockdown” in five of the most affected cities.


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