Brazil eliminates Chile and will fight Peru for a place in the final

The Brazilians celebrate the classification.

The Brazilians celebrate the classification.

Brazil, with one less player in the middle of the game and a goal from Lucas Paquetá, beat Chile 1-0 this Friday and advanced to the semifinals of the America Cup, in which they will be measured against Peru, who beat Paraguay on penalties 4-3 after drawing 3-3 in regulation time. The Brazilian team, favorites for the Copa América title, which plays again at home and beat the Peruvian 4-0 in the group stage, will face them on Monday, again at the Nilton Santos stadium in Rio de Janeiro , to find a place in the end.

Despite the expulsion of striker Gabriel Jesús three minutes into the second half, Brazil was the winner of the quarterfinal duel between the champions of the last three editions of the Copa América (Chile in 2015 and 2016 and Brazil in 2019) thanks to the fact that they did not lose order or danger with ten players since Neymar He was once again the differential player of the match.

If the Chilean coach, the Uruguayan Martín Lasarte, surprised by lining up striker Alexis Sánchez, who only joined the group this week after overcoming an injury, the Brazilian, Tite, did so by lining up four attackers: Neymar, Roberto Firmino, Gabriel Jesús and Richarlison.

La Roja took the initiative from the first minute and went on the attack to try to surprise Brazil early. The first completion was precisely from chili, with a shot from defender Sabastián Vega in the 9th minute, which goalkeeper Éderson had no trouble defending. With Brazil struggling to get away with the ball, the Chileans took control of the game in the opening minutes, so the hosts only got their first shot on goal in the 16th minute on a counterattack by Richarlison stopped by goalkeeper Bravo.

The first dangerous play was again from Chile, with a shot from Vargas that passed near the Brazilian crossbar. Brazil only began to react after 20 minutes with plays set up by Neymar in the center and exploited at the ends by Roberto Firmino, who wasted a clear opportunity to open the scoring, and Richarlison. The visitors, more pressured, tried counterattacks, in one of which Vargas forced Éderson to save Brazil.

La Canarinha increased its danger from minute 30, when full-back Danilo began to support the attack on the right and exploit the space left by Chile on that side. Neymar wasted the clearest opportunity of Brazil 36 minutes after becoming entangled at the time that he was going to finish inside the area after an attack on the right with Gabriel Jesús and Roberto Firmino.

The team led by Tite grew in the last minutes of the first half and almost opened the scoring in the 42nd minute when, after a play by Neymar, Gabriel Jesús tried to surprise Bravo, who managed to deflect the ball in time.

For the second half, Tite gave up his option for four forwards and sent creative Lucas Paquetá to the field in place of attacker Roberto Firmino. The change paid off in the first minute, as Paquetá opened the scoring after an exchange of short passes with Neymar within the Chilean area. But Brazil suffered a severe setback a minute later with the just expulsion of Gabriel Jesús for a flying kick to Mena’s face.

Chile took advantage of the numerical superiority, launched the attack and even scored a goal from Vargas disallowed for offside in the 52nd minute on a free kick. Canarinha responded immediately with a counterattack from Richarlison that left Neymar face to face with Bravo, with better luck for the Chilean goalkeeper. Brereton nearly equalized when he smashed a ball off the Brazilian crossbar and Danilo responded, after Neymar’s play, with a shot that passed close to Bravo’s goal.

Brazil did not feel the numerical inferiority and remained on the attack, mainly with counterattacks on the left with Neymar, while Chile increased its pressure and the number of completions, but without effectiveness.

In the last minutes the locals preferred to manage their advantage and began to let time pass with touches backwards, changes of players and delays in the start of the plays. Chile cornered Brazil in the final minutes but did not have time to draw.


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