March 9, 2021

Brazil closes the year of coffee harvest with record export

Brazil, the largest producer and supplier of coffee in the world, exported in the last harvest (July 2018-June 2019) 41.1 million sacks of grain (60 kilos each), a volume 35% higher than the previous period and that is a record for the country, exporters reported Monday.

Revenue from this volume of sales was of 5.391 million dollars, with a growth of 9.8% compared to those generated by the harvest immediately before (2017-2018), according to the directors of the Council of Coffee Exporters of Brazil. (CeCafé) at a press conference in Sao Paulo.

81.7% of the volume of coffee exported in this harvest was of the Arabica type; 9.5% soluble and 8.8% robust.

When reaching the more than 41 million bags exported at the end of the coffee year, Brazil breaks a record that until now stood at 36.6 million achieved in the 2014-2015 harvest.

The CEO of Cecafé, Eduardo Heron Santos, highlighted from this harvest the performance of the month of December 2018, when they exported more than 4 million bags of coffee in a single month, which is equivalent, according to the manager, to a third of what Colombia exports throughout the year.

In the results of this last harvest, there was a significant increase in the export of differentiated coffees (with certificates or special production processes), since in the first six months of this year they grew by 56.9% compared to the previous period.

According to Santos, this is due to the strong demand from demanding markets such as the United States, where 23.3% of these types of products are targeted, Japan (13%) or Germany (12.9%).

The president of the Council, Nelson Carvalhaes, also attributed the good performance of the sector in Brazil to a growth in the demand for coffee worldwide, a market that will go from consuming 164.6 million sacks globally (2018) to 208.8 in 2030, according to the Cecafé projection.

"In 2030 another whole Brazil (plus 40 million sacks) will be needed to meet this new demand," said Carvalhaes.

The president gave as an example the demand for coffee in the region of Asia and Oceania, which grew by 3.8% between 2012 and 2018 and, in particular, mentioned China, a country with great projection due to the great growth of its class half".

The CEO, Santos, also highlighted that Brazil exported 57.14% more coffee to the United Kingdom in this harvest than in the previous one, an increase to be highlighted and that the Council of Exporters will analyze more closely to a possible trend of the English market to start replacing tea with coffee.

During the last month of June, 2.9 million bags were exported, 12% more than in the same period last year.

In the first six months of 2019, 20.1 million bags were sent abroad, 37.4% higher than the same period of 2018 and that Carvalhaes expects to reach 40 million bags at the end of the year.

During the presentation of the export results, the president of Cecafé celebrated the good results and reiterated his optimism for the agreement between the European Union (EU) and Mercosur.

According to the businessman, this framework "will generate competitive advantages for Brazilian coffee in the European community": "We look with great eyes on this agreement signed by the Government, very happy and very satisfied stomas," he added.

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