Bravo de Laguna promises martial arts courses for women – La Provincia

Bravo de Laguna promises martial arts courses for women - La Provincia

José Miguel Bravo from Laguna, candidate Together for Gran Canaria-Canary Coalition to the presidency of the Cabildo, has launched through social networks the promise of creating an insular program of personal defense for women. The classes, free of charge, will be taught by two experts in the field: Ayose Martín, delegate of the International Federation of Martial Arts, and Iriome Marcial, from ASEP Team.

The sentences in trials for gender violence in the Canary Islands exceeded, last year, by almost 20 points the rest of the State, since in 2018 it reached a percentage of 88.3% against the national 70.5, that is, almost nine out of 10 accused were found guilty in the Islands, compared to seven in the rest of Spain. A total of 2,537 males, 7% more than in 2017, were judged in the Archipelago by violence against women, being 2,240 convicted. In global figures, there were 50,370 judgments handed down in provincial courts and hearings, of which 34,994 were convicted and 15,376 were acquittals. In both statistics, there is an increase in sentences and also in requests for protection.

The number of complaints decreased last year compared to the previous one. Despite that decline, the Islands are the fourth autonomous community in the rate of women victims of gender violence for every 10,000 women. There were 8,342 complaints filed in the archipelago for violence against women and 2,199 petitions for protection orders were requested, of which 1,326 were accepted and 827 rejected. 45 were not admitted.


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