Braulio, SwingStar, Cristina Ramos, Los Salvapantallas, Pitingo and Chago Melián, among the artists of the gala ‘Solidarios por La Palma’ in Agüimes

Braulio (in the center) at the press conference of the solidarity concert on La Palma

Braulio (in the center) at the press conference of the solidarity concert on La Palma

The Auditorium of Agüimes will gather the Sunday October 17 to a score of Canarian artists at the Gala ‘Solidarios por La Palma’ organized by Camino Viejo Producciones. All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to people affected by the volcano eruption on Isla Bonita. Both the artists and the production team will work altruistically in this gala in which Those who cannot attend the auditorium may also make their solidarity contribution by entering the amount they want in row zero.

At the gala presentation press conference were the artists Braulio, Cristina Ramos, Maestro Florido and representatives of Swingstar, Timple & Bohemia and Los Salvapantallas. The manager of Camino Viejo Producciones, Nati Santana, and the councilor of Culture and Heritage of the Agüimes City Council, Francisco González.

The organization’s spokesperson, Nati Santana, stated that “despite the fact that the pandemic of the covid 19 The world of culture touched us in a special way, many artists knew how to be at that time and collaborate through social networks to better face the pandemic, and this time it was not going to be less and we want to be with our brothers and sisters from the island of La Palma ”.

Poster of the solidarity gala in Agüimes. LP / DLP

The representative of Camino Viejo Producciones explained that those who cannot attend will have the opportunity to collaborate with the amount they want by depositing money in the account in row zero. The contributions to row zero can be done from this Thursday in the bank account ES41 0081 0402 96 00 0217 5625 . Tickets for the gala can be purchased at or at the Agüimes Auditorium on the day of the gala.

This is how the idea came about

The singer Braulio stated that “this idea arose when we were recording a program on television a few days ago, and we watched with Nati Santana the news of what was happening on La Palma, it had been a long time since I was moved as much as these last days seeing older people that he is having a hard time due to the consequences of this madness of the volcano ”.

The Councilor for Culture and Heritage of Agüimes, Francisco González, pointed out that “from the first moment Nati Martín told us about the idea, our answer was a resounding yes, we hope to fill the Agüimes Auditorium, and I believe that with this gala the world of Culture once again demonstrates its spirit of solidarity with the La Palma public ”.

At the gala, which will be presented by Kiko Barroso and Carlos Castilla, they will perform Braulio, Pitingo, Taburiente, SwingStar, Maestro Florido, Ni 1 pelo de foolto, José Manuel Ramos,, Manuel Estupiñán, Thony Romero, Living Tribute, Tribute I give you a rose and Chago Melián.

More than 30 people will work altruistically in the organization, production and dissemination of this gala, which also has the collaboration of different companies, Radio Televisión Canaria and other media, as well as the Agüimes City Council.


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