Bragado, eighth in 50 km march, achieves place for the Tokyo Games, where he will be 50 years old

The image was tremendous. Hard. Soaked athletes, sweat and water and ice that lay on them to withstand the temperatures during the 50-kilometer march, 31 degrees and more than 70 percent humidity test beyond the midnight of Doha, when He disputed the test. Men and women fighting against the elements in inhuman conditions and against a distance that is already terrible in itself. And among them, a 49-year-old "kid" named Jesús Ángel García Bragada, who disputes his thirteenth World Cup (yes, 13!) and that he finished in eighth position with his tactic of going from less to more, tracing and leaving behind, as they say, "corpses". The Madrid virtual secured with this position the place to play the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. He will be 50 years old and said yes, that this time he will retire. This has been achieved twenty-six after his first World Cup experience, in Stuttgart'93, where he won gold. Then it was three times plara (Athens'97, Edmonton 2001 and Berlin 2009.

Bragado asked what position he had left after overcoming the goal. He arrived still strong, despite the hardness. The winner, the Japanese Yusuke Suzuki, almost had a dislike. It was a feat of his because he left as soon as he started the test and reached only the end. When he attacked so soon, who else, who less, thought: "It's suicide." But it wasn't ... By little. The last four times he went through the supplies he stopped to walk normally, not marching. It seemed he could retire, but it was only a way to recover to continue. In the provisioning, each one did what he could to combat the temperatures: towels and bags with ice, drinking water and thrown throughout the body ... Historical was also what the silver medalist, the Portuguese Vieira, the other "achieved" grandfather "of the competition, with 43 years, who won his first medal in his eleventh World Cup participation. The Canadian Evan Dunfee took the bronze also coming from behind. The test went beyond four hours, too, but given the conditions it was normal.

Marc Tur, the other Spaniard who managed to finish, did it nineteenth. José Ignacio Díaz had to retire beyond the equator.

Julia Takacs, also a finalist

The male and female events were disputed at the same time and the Spanish participation was also notable. Julia Takacs, bronze last year at the Berlin European, finished eighth. Mar Juárez was tenth in a race that won the Chinese Liang (4:23:26), followed by his compatriot Li and the Italian Giorgi.

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