Bousselham urges the judge to investigate the theft of his mobile as an operation of the Ministry of Fernández Díaz

Bousselham urges the judge to investigate the theft of his mobile as an operation of the Ministry of Fernández Díaz

Dina Bousselham, former adviser to Pablo Iglesias, has raised the possibility that the theft of her mobile occurred within the framework of an espionage plot equivalent to that suffered by the former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas in the Kitchen operation and has therefore requested , that the fact be investigated as an operation designed from the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior at the time of Jorge Fernández Díaz.

Pablo Iglesias asks García Castellón to investigate how the phone card seized from Villarejo reached the media

Pablo Iglesias asks García Castellón to investigate how the phone card seized from Villarejo reached the media

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This is how his lawyer exposes it in a letter, to which Efe has had access, in which he rejects the request of the accusation that Vox exercises in piece 10 or Dina of the Villarejo case to call the former leader of Podemos Pablo Iglesias to testify in relation to the damage detected in the mobile card that was stolen in 2015 from her former adviser, current director of the digital newspaper close to Podemos La Última Hora.

While demanding the expulsion of Vox from this procedure for acting "against the victims" of these events, Dina opposes the citation of the former leader of Podemos, after the last police report on the status of his card, for not being " object of investigation" and because it has not been possible to prove "a human intervention" in the "inoperability" of the card that Iglesias returned to him after recovering it from the hands of the president of Grupo Zeta, Antonio Asensio.

This is Dina's response to the reform appeal filed by Vox against the decision of Judge Manuel García Castellón not to extend the investigation of the case, after the Scientific Police confirmed that it is not possible to access the content of the card, which eliminated the possibility of attributing the damage caused by the device to Iglesias. After knowing that report, in less than 48 hours the judge decreed that it was no longer necessary to continue investigating and agreed not to extend the investigation.

In his car, García Castellón went so far as to say that from the pending proceedings, including the statement by the head of the political brigade, it was not to be expected that "the need to analyze any other avenue of investigation would arise." The other two statements correspond to Dina Bousselham, who has been wanting to tell the judge in person for a year and a half that she does not feel harmed by Iglesias' actions, and her ex-partner, who was the one who sent the card to Wales.

Before closing the investigation, the magistrate has called Dina, her partner - who was the one who reported the theft of the mobile when they were both in a commercial establishment - to testify on March 9 as witnesses, and the former director Operational Assistant (DAO) of the National Police Eugenio Pino, accused in Kitchen.

Like Dinah, Iglesias has also resorted to shelving the investigation without first inquiring how "the information on the card" stolen from his former advisor came to Villarejo and "the route that it could have had with respect to the Deputy Directorate of Operations" of the Police.

That is what Dina is also calling for: that "the hypothesis that has become the most probable in the course of these proceedings" be investigated, and that is that the theft of the mobile stemmed from a plot designed by Interior, as happened in the Kitchen case, to harm Pablo Iglesias.

The former adviser does not rule out that the bank account numbers of the former Vice President of the Government that were on her mobile were used for the preparation of the so-called PISA report, regarding the alleged illegal financing of Podemos, within the framework of "a media campaign with clearly electoral and partisan As proof of this, the letter exposes the relationship with Villarejo of several journalists "in whose media the information appears" supposedly extracted from Dina's mobile card.

This investigation has its origin in the files found in a record of former commissioner José Villarejo that supposedly came from the memory card of the mobile phone that was stolen from Bousselham in 2015 and whose information ended up coming to light.

In addition to requesting that the investigation be extended, Dina insistently demands, under the Victim Protection Statute, the expulsion of Vox as an accusation "for its clear tortious use" of this procedure and "bad faith", "attempting intoxication information" through "a parallel trial" against Iglesias "and collaterally against Ms. Bousselham".

García Castellón even took the case to the Supreme Court to investigate the then Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias, but the High Court rejected it and returned the case to suggest carrying out proceedings, such as taking a statement from Dina.

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