August 5, 2021

Bouquets against the anger of the dragon | sports

Bouquets against the anger of the dragon | sports

The National Stadium of Wales was not filled. The claim of a friendly soccer match against Spain is not powerful enough on the north coast of the Bristol Channel, of red water that beats over a red mud ravine, like the shield dragon, like the uniform. In these outlines the most popular sport is rugby. The Welsh rugby federation owns the 74,000-seat venue, which for commercial purposes today is called Principality, and previously Millennium. The spirit of the sanctuary is rugby.

The players seem three quarters, there are even some as a pillar. The public is sentimental and disciplined and delights in small pleasures. Joyful rituals like the a cappella song of the national anthem, in Gaelic, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land of Our Fathers), the libation of pints of Brains, or holding a corner in favor, not to mention a lateral fault. When the English referee, Anthony Taylor, whistled the first free throw a few meters from the vertex of the De Gea area, midway through the first half of the game, even children under five years of jumps jumped for joy. In Wales you do not have to go to school to know that there are whistles that contain happiness.

The only football detail, that is, rude, of the local audience consisted of booing Sergio Ramos on time. There resided all the lack of rugby label of the crowd. Because it turns out that these people do not support Ramos. They can not stand him, apparently, since he caused the injury of Egyptian Salah, forward of Liverpool, in the last Champions final. The defender of Camas has a formidable half-melee plant, but it turns out that rugby does not allow tackles above the waist.

There was the esoteric circumstance that Ramos was not only booed every time he intervened, always blameless. The Welsh coach, Ryan Giggs, even assigned him a personal scoreboard, a cupboard named Sam Vokes that he officiated nine deflected. Vokes left the rival goal because he ignored the activities of his teammates to follow the Spanish captain, who stuck to the left line and barely touched the ball. The exit of the ball was the task of Albiol, who handled the game without anyone bothering him.

The superiority of the visiting team became so painfully clear that the red players had nothing left but to run as much as they could for a devoted fan of throats watered by beer shouting "Go Wales! ".

The people endured with admirable abnegation the most serious disappointments that the evening brought. The saddest moment of the night was the 0-2. It happened to the 19 minutes to the exit of a lateral fault that Suso threw and the central one completely left abandoned by the Welsh, that left him alone exactly where it is decisive. The announcer of the stadium announced the fact in a choked voice. The camp fell silent in horror at what seemed like the sign of an unfortunate fate while the public address issued the funeral message: "Goal for Spain, number 15, Sergio Rameeehhh …".

As there is no evil that lasts 100 years, at rest the crowd acquiesced to a folkloric respite. It happened when Sam Vokes, hero of the Welsh national team of 58, gave the Golden Boot to Gareth Bale, the badge that credits him as the top scorer in the history of his team after scoring 30 goals in 72 games.

Near the end of the game, providential justice brought a moment of satisfaction to the parish of Cardiff. Already without Ramos in the field, at the exit of a corner, the suffered Sam Vokes put the 1-4 and saved the honor of his people.

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