May 29, 2020

Botran ensures that each vote to the CUP is "one vote against resignation"

In a campaign event in Vic (Barcelona), in which the deputy of the Parlament Natàlia Sànchez and the councilman in Vic Joan Coma, Botran said they will not give up because "the only dialogue that the State understands is that of the fight".

He has insisted that they do not choose to go to Congress to create illusion that things will change just by going to Madrid, but that the force to win rights and independence is in Catalonia, "as seen in recent weeks" .

He has distrusted that there may be a solution discussed through the PSOE: "If we are repeating elections, it is because the PSOE, and therefore the oligarchy, the regime, the monarchy, the Ibex, have not been able to tolerate even having as a partner to a Podemos that was lowering the speech every passing week ", so he has argued that what can come out of the polls exclusively a survival government.


Natàlia Sànchez has sent a message to people who doubt who to vote for: not supporting the government parties that close ranks with police violence, he has said verbatim, nor to JxCat, about which he considers to "protect" the minister Interior, Miquel Buch, and validates the management of the Mossos d'Esquadra.

For her, the State fails as a democratic project and the PSOE is not the solution but part of the problem: "We will say it again: don't count on us to make Sánchez president. If it depends on us, as long as the right to decide, we will not guarantee any state governance. No blank check. "


Joan Coma has asked for humility and respect for those who give lessons to the independence movement, according to him, accusing him of being violent "and who on the other hand admire oppressive states like Israel or participate in dinners with representatives of the arms industry," as well as actors of the independence movement that doubt the strategy.

"We ask that the independence movement stop contaminating and intoxicating the environment," and added that the strategy to follow is civil disobedience, for which it considers necessary the unity of the parties in defense and resistance to police action, which He has labeled it repressive.

"It is necessary to be realistic, we also have doubts about what we can do in Madrid in this adverse context. But one thing is clear: what has been done in recent years in Madrid has not been worth anything," he said.

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