March 7, 2021

Botín enters the electoral campaign and demands a pact for the economy and "flee from short-termism"

Botín enters the electoral campaign and demands a pact for the economy and "flee from short-termism"


Ana Botín has broken with her usual prudence when speaking in public about political issues. On the first day of the electoral campaign, 16 days before the general elections and before the economic promises of the different political forces, the president of Banco Santander has demanded a credible economic policy on Friday from the future Government. "If we want a Spain that works for everyone, we need an economic policy that works," he said, calling for a pact for the economy.

The banker has pointed out that social inclusion is only possible with economic growth. "In economic policy, we know what works and, above all, what does not work," he explained, detailing in this sense that Spain must maintain budget sustainability, guarantee pensions "enough to have a decent life, but that they are sustainable ", and have solid institutional stability and support the business environment to attract domestic and foreign investment.

"Without growth there is no inclusion, which is why I would like to ask the politicians to speak clearly," he insisted during his speech in Santander before the general meeting of shareholders of the country's first bank. The top executive has urged pool policy makers to "flee from short-termism and promote a reformist agenda with a long-term vision, inclusive growth and social cohesion, which is only possible if entrepreneurs invest and create employment."

Booty takes for granted, in view of the polls, that the results of the elections will give rise to a fragmented parliament that will require agreements between different parties, so it has called them to a pact. "This will not be a single task, we need a pact for inclusive growth, it will be necessary to reach agreements between different political forces, which requires responsibility and maturity," he said.


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