Sun. Apr 21st, 2019

Botín calls for a "reformist agenda" for the new government

Botín pide una “agenda reformista” al nuevo Gobierno

The president of Santander Bank, Ana Booty, has asked this morning to the new government leave the elections of April 28 "a reformist agenda with a long-term vision, inclusive growth and social cohesion". The banker has spoken these words during her speech at the beginning of the meeting General Shareholders who today celebrates the entity in Santander.

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In his opinion, political parties must "flee from short-termism" and reach a "pact for inclusive growth". In the speech he made an enumeration of what - in his opinion - is the economic policy that works and that goes through financial sustainability, decent and sustainable pensions and a solidity and institutional stability to "attract domestic and foreign investment."


"I would like to ask the politicians to speak clearly"

"I would like to ask the politicians to speak clearly," said Botín, while insisting on the need for a "functioning economic policy". The president of the largest European bank has requested that Spain recover the "leading role in European construction." In the financial business, Botín has requested that "the banking union be broken by breaking the link between sovereign risk and the financial sector."


The entity highlights that the integration of the Popular is ahead of schedule

In relation to the Brexit, the president of Santander has acknowledged that the uncertainty continues.

The CEO, José Antonio Álvarez, stressed in his speech that the integration of Banco Popular "is ahead of schedule" and has advanced compared to the first quarter that have increased by 1.5 million digital customers.


Botín insists that the failed Orcel hiring at the high cost

Botín has also referred to the failed hiring of Andrea Orcel and justified by the high cost it would have for the entity.

During the question time, some of the attendees asked Santander to change its policies to fight against climate change.

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