Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Botín and López-Marra go back in the Sofia Princess

Botín y López-Marra remontan en el Princesa Sofía

The fourth day of competition in the 50 Princess Sofía Iberostar sailing trophy had as protagonist outstanding to the wind. Mallorca proved once again why it is one of the best places in the world to practice the sport of sailing and the bay of Palma registered more than 20 knots of NW (mast), with gusts that reached 30 knots.

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These conditions forced the international fleet assembled in the Balearic island to be used to fund their boats in demanding sailing conditions. Diego Botín Y Iago López-Marra today completed their particular comeback and climbed to the third drawer of the provisional podium of the 49er. The Cantabrian-Galician team started the day with a first place and continued with a seven and a two in the following rounds of the day. Ahead of them are the British Fletcher Y Bithell, first, and the Argentines Yago Y Klaus Lange, seconds. Diego Botín explained that "the final stages are a totally different regatta". According to the Cantabrian pattern, "the key is to make good starts, navigate fast and make good decisions; although it's easier said than done. "

Day of lights and shadows for Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez in 470 men. The Galician Catalan duo started the day with a 21st place in the first regatta, the result of a bad decision in the water. "We were sixth and in the end we let a lot of people pass," admitted Xammar. In the second set, a first place returned the smile and allowed them to keep the sixth place in the general classification. At the head, and with a comfortable advantage, the Swedes Dahlberg and Bergström continue.

This Thursday was not a good day for the Spanish teams of 470 women. While the French Lecointre and Retornaz maintained their particular fight for gold with the British Mills and Mcintyre, the Spanish crews signed one of their worst days. Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero, with some results of 20 and 17, endured the type and closed the day in sixth position but her teammates Barbara Cornudella and Sara Lopez (30 + 27) yielded until the fourteenth place.

The Olympic tables were the first to return to the ground with two new tests completed. Canarian Angel Granda took advantage of the day to take a few steps to the front in the standings and climbed to the seventh overall position, followed closely by the Andalusian Fernando Lamadrid, eighth. The Balearic Mateo Sanz, who competes for Switzerland, had lower fortune and fell to third place, just seven points behind the Hong Kong Michael Cheng, second. The relay in the leadership of the RS: X male is for Hao Chen.

In the women's fleet, Peina Chen (China) became the new seed. For its part, the Pilar Lamadrid Cadiz was placed in eighteenth position with a 16 in the first round and an off-line in the second.

The Spaniards Tara Pacheco and Florian Trittel, crew of Nacra 17 created at the beginning of the year, showed a good control of their boat with strong winds adding 3 + 9 + 4 results to get the tenth provisional position of their class. Meanwhile, the Australians Waterhouse and Darmanin took hold at the top of the table. The Canarian patron said that today was "a good day to sail". "The results we have achieved with these wind conditions are very good," said Pacheco, happy with his performance at Sofía Iberostar. "There are still three regattas, we'll see if we can get a place for the medal race," he added prudently.

The Canarian Joaquín Blanco suffered but endured the onslaught of the wind and was only off to the tenth position of the standard Laser. For his part, Joel Rodríguez saved the day with a third in the second set to stay in 16th place overall. The podium of this class is shaping up as one of the most expensive of the Sofía Iberostar, with four crews separated by a maximum of eight points. At the moment, the American Christopher Barnard carries the poster of rival to beat, with the Irish Finn Lynch hot on his heels.

In 49er FX the Galician crew formed by Patricia Suárez and Nicole van der Velden began the day assuming the disqualification of the day yesterday, the result of a protest that was against them. Today the Spaniards went all out and won the second set, which added to a set of 23 and 10, took them to the 15th place overall that dominate today the Brazilian Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze. Patricia Suarez said she felt "very well competing in the gold group." However, Vigo acknowledged having made many mistakes during the championship: "We certainly believe we could be higher. We want to continue learning to later reach the top 10 easily. "

New Zealand and Great Britain maintain a striking pulse for the triumph in the Finn class. The kiwi Andy Maloney is one step ahead of the other competitors, while the second place is played by Giles Scott (GBR) and Josh Junior (NZL), tied to two days of finishing the Sofía Iberostar. As for the Spanish representation, the Catalan Àlex Muscat is ranked 35 and the Menorcan Joan Cardona, 36.

The radial Laser gold group is taking its toll on the Danish Anne-Marie Rindom. Although nobody has been able to put their first position in a hurry, Rindom's results have been less and reduce their chances of winning the title of absolute winner of the Majorcan regatta of Olympic classes, which this year celebrates half a century of life . That title of champion / ona of the Princesa Sofía Iberostar trophy is for the sailboat that scores a greater number of victories throughout the week of competition.

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