Boston Marathon suspended for the first time in 124 years due to coronavirus - La Provincia

The known Boston Marathon has been suspended for the first time in 124 years because of coronavirus, as announced this Thursday by the Athletics Association of the American city in a statement.

The annual race held in the state of Massachusetts is one of the most important in the world and gained special notoriety after being the target of an attack in 2013, when two explosive devices were detonated next to the finish line. In total three people died and another 282 were injured.

The marathon, for which 30,000 runners had signed up and that brings together thousands of spectators, had been postponed until September due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

The Mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh, He has indicated in his Twitter account that "although the objective of the authorities is to progress in the fight against the virus and economic recovery, the celebration of this type of event would not be responsible or realistic on schedule."

For its part, the Boston Athletics Association has organized a "virtual event" in which the participants will run the 42 kilometers remotely in six hours in order to receive a medal.

"This alternative allows us all to celebrate the meaning that this race has for our spirit, for our local economy," said Walsh, who said it is a new "challenge."


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