Bosquet asks respect from all groups because they reflect the will of Andalusians

Bosquet asks respect from all groups because they reflect the will of Andalusians

The new president of the Andalusian Parliament, Marta Bosquet, of Citizens, today asked respect to the five autonomous parliamentary groups, including Vox, because they are the reflection of the democratic will expressed by the Andalusians at the polls.

"The Andalusian parliamentary arch, as it is determined today, is the product of the will of the Andalusians and as such we must respect it," he said in a statement to Canal Sur television.

He has alluded to the fact that the "richness of democracy" is the reflection of "the will of the Andalusians expressed in the ballot boxes", which "has determined that the Andalusian parliamentary arch is thus shaped".

For this reason, he has promised and asked to "speak and respect all groups equally".

Regarding the complaints expressed by the PSOE and by Adelante Andalucía on the development of the constituent session of the eleventh legislature, he indicated that they should be processed in writing for the Bureau to study, "which is the intended channel", which, In principle, it would be at a meeting to be convened on January 3.

Bosquet has minimized these incidents and has trusted that all parliamentary groups "maintain respect for the will expressed by the Andalusians" at the polls and reflected in the composition of the new Andalusian Parliament.

"It is the obligation of all, as public servants that we are, to maintain that respect," he added.

As the first star measure of the new legislature, Marta Bosquet has signaled the performance of an audit of the Junta de Andalucía to know the real financial situation of the Andalusian administration and avoid the commission of irregularities.

The new president of the Andalusian Parliament will be the second non-socialist president of the Autonomous Chamber, after Diego Valderas, of IU, who was president in the IV legislature, and the third woman, after the Socialists María del Mar Moreno and Fuensanta Coves, presidents in the seventh and eighth legislatures, respectively.


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