Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Bosch asks France to rule on the violation of rights of the prisoners of 'procés'

Bosch pide a Francia que se pronuncie sobre la violación de derechos de los presos del ‘procés’

The Councilor for External Action, Institutional Relations and Transparència, Alfred Bosch, he asked this afternoon to French Government to pronounce on what he considers the violation of fundamental rights of the prisoners of 'Proces' who are being tried in Madrid.

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"Is a impeachment against the legitimate leaders of our country, "said the Minister in the act of reopening the delegation of the Generalitat in Paris, which was closed as a result of the application of article 155. Bosch will maintain contacts, until Thursday, with political parties, think tanks and the media. Today he will give a lecture at the Institute of International and Strategic Relations.

The Government expects to be positioned on the situation of prisoners and the judicial process underway

According to the person in charge of the international relations of the Generalitat, the Government does not expect from Paris a recognition to the Catalan Republic but it does position itself on the situation of the prisoners and the judicial process in course. "The French Government has its own position," Bosch admitted. We do not ask the Government of the French Republic to pronounce itself on the Catalan Republic. What we do ask you and we are sure you will understand is that you can not violate the most fundamental rights. There can not be political prisoners and political exiles. There can not be a politicized trial, in which the main accusation is a far-right party, which they know very well here. "

"We do not campaign, we do not need to campaign," the minister insisted. We just need to explain the facts, the facts. " On the other hand, it has denounced the activism of the Madrid Government to vindicate Spanish democracy and the impartiality of its justice. According to him, this attitude is already suspicious. "It is a political trial in which the Spanish government feels the need to set up a marketing campaign to explain to the world what they say (that is) real Spain," the minister stressed. If you need to explain, for example, to the Human Rights Tribunal of Strasbourg, as the Spanish president did the other day, that Spain is a democracy and that the judges are independent, it is because they believe that there are serious doubts about that. If they feel the need to explain it, it is because they feel insecure about democracy and about judicial independence. "

"We do not do campaigns, we do not need to campaign"

Bosch has also defended the existence of Catalan delegations in the main capitals of the world. "The internationalization of Catalonia is not a whim, nor is it an inexplicable expense," he assured. The internationalization of Catalonia is an obligation of the Government of Catalonia. Any country wants to internationalize its economy, its company, its culture, its gastronomy, its tourism and, therefore, wants to internationalize in all senses as a country ".

The minister did not want to answer the question about whether these delegations are part of the structure of the Spanish State, as delegations of autonomous communities, or if they consider them already part of the Catalan Republic. "This is a delegation from the Government of Catalonia, whose mission is to explain the reality of Catalonia," replied Bosch, without going into the heart of the matter. "We will do our duty, whatever they say. We are obliged to citizens, to Catalan society, to the Catalan company, to the world of culture, to all those who want to advance the country, who want to have more and more international connections. "

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