Borrell regrets that Podemos does not prioritize cooperation in budgets

Borrell regrets that Podemos does not prioritize cooperation in budgets

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, has acknowledged "the logical concern" raised by the cooperation budget proposed for 2019 and regretted that Unidos Podemos did not place this policy as a priority in the negotiation of accounts transferred to Brussels.

During his appearance in the Development Cooperation Committee of the Congress of Deputies, Borrell has shown his confidence that "final adjustments" can be made in the accounts to raise that amount budgeted for cooperation and has even requested the groups to elaborate a joint proposal to request the increase of that item.

However, the minister wanted to make it clear that the current figures of the budget for development aid could have been higher if the party with which the government has negotiated the accounts for next year would have claimed it.

"When we have a resource to distribute between policies that are considered a priority with someone with whom we have to reach an agreement and that someone does not raise anything in cooperation policy, it is logical that resources are allocated where the budget dance couple situates his priority ", Borrell reproached Podemos, taking advantage of the fact that he answered the popular ones.

"It takes two to dance a tango," Borrell added, addressing the spokeswoman for Unidos Podemos, Noelia Vera, who earlier in her speech had shown her group's priority for cooperation policy.

Borrell has asked Vera to explain why his group had not considered that the cooperation policy deserved some support and greater reflection in the budgets. "Or I'm misinformed," he said.

In addition, the minister wanted to make clear that "has no government partners", but a group with which the Executive has "agreed positions to obtain a parliamentary majority" to allow approval of the accounts for next year.

Borrell explained that the Government depends on the position of the parliamentary groups of the Catalan independence movement, which one day set conditions to support the budget, such as changing the situation of the pre-trial prisoners and then their spokespersons say that this requirement should not be pose.

"They will have to clarify," said Borrell, who has admitted that "we have our soul in suspense because one day they say one thing and another they say the opposite".


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