Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Borrell insists that the independentismo will vote the budgets

Borrell insiste en que el independentismo votará los presupuestos porque le conviene

The Foreign Minister, José Borrell, has been especially prudent this time when referring to domestic politics, but still has lashed out against the sectors independence, to whom he has attributed a "confusion" and a terrible internal mess" In fact, he has insisted in his opinion that in the end, both ERC and PDeCat will come to vote the budgets Generals of the State because it suits them, although this time he has not used the forms he used in Congress when he challenged the interlocutors to bet something on it. In addition, the minister has charged against the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernest Maragall, to whom he has gratefully thanked his help "in the anti-independence cause" after his words in an interview on the BBC.

In statements to Antena 3, Borrell has insisted on his impression that the budgets will have the approval of the independence parties because it is better for them to be at the head of the Government socialists instead of PP or Citizens, and because it also means economic benefits and in terms of financing for Catalonia that without these budgets could not be applied. "When I say it's in their own interest, it's because it's in Catalonia's interest," said the minister, who has not abounded in his commitment to a congressional committee.

"When I say it's in their own interest, it's because it's convenient for Catalonia"

Borrell has regretted that he took only that phrase in which he launched his stake without having collected all the previous arguments. That makes every time I go out "they criticize me in an especially intense way". But he has also found reasons to increase criticism against the pro-independence activists who have pointed out that "one day one says one thing and another says another." In fact, he has set an example, such as the fact that President Torra says one day "that Sanchez does not have water" if there is no gesture towards the prisoners and self-determination is accepted and another, the PDeCat spokesperson says that he has nothing to see the budgets with the rest. "They have a terrible internal mess," he concluded.

His criticisms have also been extended to the management of the Minister Maragall, which opened on Monday the Catalan delegation in Rome. In this regard, Borrell has asked not to call these delegations embassies to "not enter into the mental structure of the independence movement." After stressing that these delegations "have given instruments of agitation and propaganda," he assured that the minister "is helping us a lot in the independence cause." The minister referred to the words of Maragall in his last interview on the BBC in which he argued that if it did not exceed 50%, the independence movement could not seek international support.

"It's very strong. They have spent years asking for it and now they say that with 47% they have no right to do what they were doing "

"It's very strong. They have spent years asking for it and now they say that with 47% they have no right to do what they were doing. When did you find out that they had 47% of the vote? "The minister has criticized Maragall. Borrell has pointed out that the independence movement has never exceeded 47% "in all elections where it has been possible to vote with guarantees". And although "they are many, din doubt, they are not even half plus one", has shown. Therefore, the Foreign Minister has been happy that the independence movement "recognizes that they have no right to go around the world asking for support."

Borrell has not stopped there, because he wanted to make clear that the words of Maragall on the BBC were produced "the same day that Torra requested international mediation" from Switzerland. Therefore, "the confusion is very great" and "everyone stands out from the whole world".

"I would have liked that the judge had found other guarantees to avoid the flight", although "leaks have been"

Instead, the minister has been very cautious when talking about the crime of rebellion, which, unlike the vice president and President Sanchez himself, has not wanted to assess whether it is attributable to the pro-independence indictees: "I am not judge and judges are the ones who should do their job. " After closing with a "I do not know" question about whether there was rebellion, he insisted on the need to attend to what the courts say. "We have a court, an appeal system, a lot of legal guarantees," he has avoided, although in the words of Carmen Calvo and the Prime Minister, the minister sees nothing that contradicts his appeal to respect judicial decisions.

Borrell, who has once been in favor of imprisoned people not being imprisoned, has reiterated that he "would have liked the judge to have found other guarantees to avoid the flight", although he pointed out that "I say it all respect for judicial independence "and being aware that" leaks have occurred "

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