Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Borrell ensures that budgets will not cause concern or concern in Brussels

Borrell asegura que los presupuestos no crearán inquietud ni preocupación en Bruselas

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, EU and Cooperation, Josep Borrell, has considered that the draft budgets of 2019 sent to Brussels will not create "any restlessness neither concern"And has said that they comply with the limits established in budgetary discipline.

Speaking at the Congress before appearing at the Commission for International Development Cooperation, Borrell has pointed out that "the problem is not in Brussels but in getting a parliamentary majority" to be able to approve them, although he has relied on the good progress of the negotiations .

"The problem is not in Brussels but in getting a parliamentary majority"

"I do not have these negotiations, but they must have been doing them for a long time, right?" He said after being asked if parliamentary contacts with other political forces had already begun.

The minister reiterated that the budgets of 2019 comply with the parameters indicated by Brussels and stated that from the point of view of the European Union do not create any concern or concern. "I do not think it is necessary for anyone to go to Brussels to reassure anyone. The problem is not in Brussels, "he pointed out.

Reiterates that the 2019 budgets comply with the parameters indicated by Brussels

The budget draft to be examined by Brussels contemplates a limit of non-financial expenditure or expenditure ceiling for next year of 125,064 million euros, 4.4% higher than this year's. This ceiling of expenditure represents an increase of 5,230 million euros, according to the Treasury, is a result of the commitments of the PP (3,238 million), as the salary increase of officials and new initiatives of this Executive (1,992 million).

To finance them, the Treasury expects revenues from the Budgets to increase by 11,724 million, as a result of the economic cycle itself (6,413 million), new tax figures (3,811 million) and non-tax revenue (1,500 million).

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