Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

Borrell denies that the PSOE "plays" to repeat elections: "It is not a solution"

The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, has denied that the PSOE is "playing" to repeat elections because the polls suggest that they could "go well" to expand their majority: "To vote again is not a solution," he said. underlined. "The country is not ready to repeat elections again. Those who say that in the PSOE play with this, they are wrong, "he said during the closing of the summer school of the PSC, which has also intervened the leader of the Catalan Socialists, Miquel Iceta, and the leader of the party in Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni.

Borrell has defended that Spain "needs a Government as soon as possible" and has asked the other parties to facilitate the reelection of socialist Pedro Sanchez, since the only alternative to an Executive headed by the PSOE is the blockade.

The leader of the PSC, meanwhile, has criticized that United We can have launched a consultation on a non-existent agreement, "that is not known what is", and has argued that the purple and the PSOE must "discuss content" before to specify other issues. "Now they say they are asking about an agreement that you do not know what it is. I remember that when we made an agreement with Ciudadanos, we consulted with the bases of the party, but the agreement existed. You could go to the web and you could read what the contents of the agreement were. In those conditions it makes sense to ask if the content is shared or not, "he said during the closing of the summer school of the Catalan Socialists.

Miquel Iceta in the act of this Saturday

Miquel Iceta in the act of this Saturday
(Toni Albir / EFE)

For Iceta, it is understandable that voices have been raised within the formation led by Pablo Iglesias saying that "the consultation is a joke" and that, consequently, they will not participate.

In this regard, he stressed that one has to go "very carefully" with the use of "democratic mechanisms" to ensure that they are "participation mechanisms and not mechanisms to endorse what a direction has already decided." "With this we have to be very careful every game," he stressed.

The leader of the PSC has argued that there is still "time" for the PSOE and United We can seal a pact that allows the reelection of Pedro Sanchez, although he has warned: "We will not let ourselves be caught by false controversies or by disqualifications."

"They came to say that this was a short and paste before I could read it. This is not done politically, so tweets are made. And we want to do politics, we want to change society and we want to approach an ideal of society guided by values ​​that are not those of property, selfishness and the depredation of nature. Therefore, if they leave us we will make this red, green and violet alliance again, "he continued.

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