Borrell can not prevent Catalan "embassies" but will act if they break the law

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, has admitted today that the Government can not prevent the opening of new delegations of the Generalitat abroad, but has assured that the courts will be resorted to if the law is breached.

Borrell has thus referred in statements to journalists to the report made public yesterday by his department that reported unfavorably on the opening of six new delegations of the Generalitat of Catalonia abroad considering that they would be used "to support purposes that are manifestly contrary to the principles and objectives of the foreign policy of Spain ".

Upon his arrival at the inauguration of the Ibero-American Forum chaired by the head of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, the Foreign Minister explained that the law establishes that his department and that of the Treasury and Public Administrations must issue a non-binding report in response to Catalonia's claim. to open their delegations.

He has acknowledged that the report can be followed or not and that the Government already knows that the Government will not do it, and has insisted that the Executive can not prevent it.

"We can only resort to the courts when the actions that are developed from there are contrary to the law," he said.

Borrell has defended the content of the report of his Ministry because he considers that the opening of these delegations does not correspond to the strategy of the foreign policy of the State.

In addition, he recalled that these delegations have been used as an instrument at the service of the independence process.


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