Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Borràs will plant the Supreme Court and will request the request

The spokeswoman for Junts per Catalunya (JxCat), Laura Borràs, has just announced that it will not go on Friday to testify as a crime for crimes of prevarication and embezzlement of public flows to Supreme Court, for the alleged irregular hiring during her time as director of the Institution of the Catalan Lletres (ILC).

“Today I have informed the Supreme Court that tomorrow I will not declare. To do so would imply validating all the irregularities that I have been denouncing in a case that has violated my rights since day one, ”he explained in a tweet.

This decision will necessarily imply that the magistrate instructing the case in the high court requests the request from the Congress of Deputies to be able to investigate it formally. Last week, the instructor, Eduardo Porres, He summoned him to declare this coming voluntarily.

When found out of proportion by its status as a deputy in Congress, the competent body to prosecute it is the Supreme Court, with the prior authorization of Congress to lift its immunity. Legal sources explain that once Borràs does not appear this Friday, the judge will send the request in the next few days.

The investigation began in a Court of Barcelona. The case was practically instructed to the high court which means, according to these sources, that there are very few errands that should be practiced before concluding the instruction.

Request and mandatory declaration

If Borràs went voluntarily, the magistrate could hear his version of the facts before continuing with his formal complaint. Once he declines to face the interrogation, the request will be given. When Congress admits it then it is already your statement will be mandatory. If he does not appear at that time, he would then face his detention.

In his Twitter account, he has defended his management in the ILC. “It should be remembered that this cause would never have existed if I were not ‘A well-known independentista
. I have always defended and will defend my management at the head of the ILC. And in particular I am very proud of the work done with the contracts that are the subject of the investigation, ”he said.

In his opinion, in all this time “neither judges nor prosecutors have bothered to verify the quality and veracity of this work” and has focused on the prosecutor in charge of the matter, one of the four representatives of the Public Ministry who They took care of the cause of the process.

Rebound investigation

This matter was initiated by the Mossos d’Esquadra. They investigated one people, Isaiah Herrero, for a crime of drug trafficking. In the intervention of his communications and the dump of his computer they discovered the relationship he had with Borràs. Herrero had been awarded public works by the ILC and they seized a series of emails in which they allegedly coordinated to split a series of contracts and thus skip the obligation to call public tender.

The investigation was carried out on Court of Instruction number 9 of Barcelona. Once all possible inquiries were submitted, the case was referred to the Supreme Court as Borràs was settled. The Prosecutor’s Office of Barcelona supported the investigation and now the witness has collected the Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who asked the high court to accept the reasoned statement submitted by the Court of origin for the alleged crimes of prevarication, embezzlement, administrative fraud and false business document.

18 contracts investigated

The investigation shows how during the years 2013 to 2017, in which Borràs was director of the ILC, he proceeded from the same, according to Isaías Herrero Florensa, “who maintained a personal relationship of friendship with the person in charge, to the division of contracts for the provision of computer services effectively provided ”, according to the court’s admission car.

Up to 18 contracts that the employer would have divided by order of Borràs are investigated so as not to exceed the limit of 18,000 euros that prevents him from having to go to public tender. To do this, amounts and concepts would have been invented, always in amounts lower than 18,000 euros, “to, in breach of the applicable regulations, avoid the relevant administrative procedure because they were works that involved the computer programming of the ILC Internet portal for a period over four years. ”

According to the Supreme Court, it was possible to resort to direct adjudication “for, with the intention of favoring it personally, to entrust them to Herrero, directly or on behalf of other entities after which it was hidden”.

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