July 15, 2020

Borràs (JxCat) warns that "the useless vote is voting the one that harms Catalonia"

The number two of JxCat for Barcelona to the general elections, Laura Borràs, has assured this Saturday that there is no useful vote, but that "the useless vote is to vote the one that harms Catalonia" and who blocks the research commissions on the monarchy in the Parlament, in allusion to PP, Cs and PSC.

In the presentation of the candidacies of JxCat to the generals, municipal and European, the former president added that, if we speak of a useful vote, they are the ones who go to Congress "to unblock prison, independence and vote for Sanchez, but to Jordi Sànchez ".

He has asked that people vote with memory and remember "who was part of the tripartite 155", in reference to the PP, PSOE and Cs, with whose votes the intervention of Catalan autonomy was approved.

He also assured that JxCat will go to Congress because they are Democrats: "We will not vote with faces of hatred, but with illusion and determination against 'demophobia', and added that they want to be there where Catalonia is decided, and that they will defend the independence.

Borràs has stressed that 'censorship' rhymes with 'dictatorship', in reference to the prohibitions of the Electoral Board, prohibitions that for her "confirm the existence of political prisoners."


JxCat exconseller and number two to the Barcelona City Council, Elsa Artadi, has accused the mayor Ada Colau of hiding the 1-O, "when she said she would defend it like nobody else", and has argued that the Catalan capital needs a team with republican values ​​instead of creating confrontation.

Artadi has ensured that the 1-O could be voted in Barcelona by the intervention of the then Minister of Education, Clara Ponsatí, who "took on the responsibilities of the mayor", and whom she was grateful that she did, because, if not, no it could have been voted, according to her.

He has also explained that he is number two of the imprisoned ex-salesman Quim Forn, because he "is not allowed to speak clearly and strongly", and has described him as a man of commitment who defends all Catalans, as well as highlighting his role as conseller of Interior during the attacks of 2017.

The candidate has asked for a Barcelona that seeks consensus and dialogue, and has said that Barcelona "needs an urgent change" and that JxCat is that change, because it supposes leadership and social and labor improvements, as well as freedoms, rights and social justice.

He has argued that Barcelona needs a country behind and be an accomplice capital of the Catalan institutions and with the rest of the municipalities of Catalonia, so he has returned to direct Colau: "Go less to visit Carmena and have more meetings with Marta Madrenas ", the mayor of Girona, who also spoke at the event.

The lawyer of former President Carles Puigdemont and JxCat candidate for Congress for Girona, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, has ironically said that he is more afraid of "a sweetened PSOE and Cs, which is like cool or cool", and stressed that the Catalonia's independence project is unstoppable.


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