January 25, 2021

Borja Sémper will be the PP candidate for mayor of San Sebastian

Borja Sémper will be the PP candidate for mayor of San Sebastian

The president of the PP of Gipuzkoa, Borja Sémper, will be the candidate of his training to the Mayor of San Sebastian, and will go "a por todos" in a city in which the popular experienced a significant decline in the last municipal elections.

Sémper will release Miren Albistur at the head of the list, who made the leap to politics in the 2015 elections and has decided not to run again.

The PP currently has 3 of the 27 members of the municipal corporation of San Sebastian, half of those obtained in the 2011 elections, when Ramón Gómez headed the candidacy.

Sémper told EFE that after reflecting and giving himself time, he has taken this step not so much because the direction of his party has asked him to do so, but also because people without partisan affiliation have encouraged him to do so.

"I think San Sebastian deserves to try and I want, the truth," said the popular leader and spokesman of the PP in the Basque Parliament, born in 1976 in Irun, where he has also been a councilman.

He does not believe that his party is now faced in San Sebastian to a more complicated scenario than four years ago, with Citizens growing and the emergence of Vox, but opens "an interesting window of opportunity" for him and his party and will go "for all".

"We have an opportunity, the transformation of politics, the great changes that are taking place are causing the citizen to have more interest in the candidate than in the acronym, especially in the municipal elections," he said.

He added that "the example of Gregorio Ordóñez", the councilor from San Sebastian that ETA murdered in 1995, remains "a reference" for his training and, especially, for him.


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