Borja Iglesias, on the position of footballers in politics: "They tend towards a not very extreme right"

The footballer, Borja Iglesias.

The footballer, Borja Iglesias.

'Saved' dedicated his delivery this Sunday in the sixth to the transformation of football into a multi-million dollar business. In addition to interviewing the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, Gonzo chatted with Borja Iglesias on the preferences of footballers in politics.

"In football, are there more left-wing or right-wing players?"The journalist asked the Real Betis player, who, due to his career in the world of sports, seems to be clear about it: "I think that, usually, the footballer tends to go to the right, not very extreme, but a little to the right. "

As he explained, the "economic issue" influences a lot when going to the polls: "If they are telling you that instead of paying 50% you are going to pay 30%, you think that is fantastic." "For me, for example, not only that is valid," added Borja, who does not share that way of thinking:I prefer to pay more and live in a country where I like what is done with that money ".

During the interview, the Betis man responded to another of Gonzo's doubts: "Why is it so hard for footballers to get wet in political matters?" "It's complicated. Position yourself in a political environment puts a label on you that, sometimes, it does not place it only on you, also on your club, "argued Borja.

The athlete himself recalled the time he painted his nails black to position himself in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement: "I received a lot of criticism and insults. For a few weeks I thought that maybe I wasn't getting wet anymore". "Seeing those things you realize that we are not so well. With all the people who were positioned in favor of my decision to paint my nails, you see that it is worth it."


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