October 26, 2020

Boos at the Royal Theater against the lack of social distancing measures

View of the theater.

The performance of the opera ‘Un Ballo in maschera’ this Sunday at the Royal Theatre has been suspended due to the protests of a sector of the public who complained about the relocation of some spectators in the seats of paradise, and in which supposedly the safety distance.

After fifty minutes of waiting and after two attempts to resume the function, in the end the decision had to be made to definitively cancel the representation Before the incessant protests, sources from Real have confirmed to Efe.

Shouts of “Out, out! Or” suspension! ” The subscribers in this area of ​​the Real prevented the performance from starting at its scheduled time (8:00 p.m.), considering that the capacity in this part of the theater (the uppermost and lateral) exceeded what was allowed, when in other areas, according to testimonies of some attendees through social networks, “there were two separate seats between spectators.”

Immediately afterwards, and before the mounted brawl, the Real announced by public address that “those who did not want to stay or did not agree with the relocation could go to the ticket offices for the refund of the amount of the tickets “.

Meanwhile, the orchestra played the opera overture, while protests continued, which forced the teacher Nicola Luissoti to come down from the podium and stop the performance, which he tried to resume fifty minutes later, although finally the curtain ended up definitively falling.

Due to the situation generated the Municipal Police of Madrid had to go to the place, where they have verified that the capacity was adequate to the restrictions imposed by the health crisis, according to police sources have informed Efe.

For its part, the Royal Theater stood up to criticism by announcing that 905 tickets had been sold for this afternoon’s show, less than 50% of the capacity.

The opera ‘Un Ballo in maschera’, with which the 20/21 season opened at the Real, was premiered on Friday with the presence of the kings.


For its part, the direction of the Royal Theater will open an investigation to find out the causes of the protest of the “chicken coop” that has forced this Sunday to the suspension of the function of ‘Un Ballo in maschera’, the opera that opens its 2020/21 season.

According to a statement from the Madrid Coliseum, it will take “the measures necessary for the successive functions to develop normally“, although he assures that” all current regulations “were met and that the protest came from” a minority group of spectators. ”

Add that There were 905 seats occupied, 51.5 percent of the total capacity of the room, and that, although it was offered to the spectators who with shouts and claps complained about the excessive occupation of the henhouse while in the stalls the safety distance marked for the prevention of the COVID-19, the possibility of relocating them or returning the amount of the tickets, the protests continued until they forced the suspension of the function.

“After the relocation of a large part of the protesting spectators, and two attempts to perform the opera by the conductor and all the artists and technicians who participated in the performance, a very small group insisted on continuing with their protests to boycott the performance, so it had to be suspended at around 9:10 pm, “says the version of the Royal Theater.


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