'Boom!' will broadcast on Monday the program in which Los Lobos take the biggest boat of television - La Provincia

Antena 3 has already set the date for the broadcast of the program in which The Wolves they take the biggest television boat.

It will be next Monday, July 8 but the space of Juanra Bonet will not be broadcasted in its usual schedule, but it will jump to prime time, at 22:45 hours.

After more than 500 programs and almost three years 'Los Lobos' have managed to get hold of the 'Boom!' Manu, Valentín, Alberto and Erundino will be admitted approximately 6.5 million euros. Of that amount, in addition, Hacienda will take a good peak, more than three million euros.

And is that, in addition to the boat, the members of Boom take the money accumulated by the daily victories accumulated during the entire time of the program, a substantial amount of money that had been advanced in part over the past year.

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