August 4, 2020

Books “to raise the bar of life” | Culture

“Of Avelino Fierro, juvenile prosecutor of León, writer of newspapers and poems, cartoonist, music lover, inveterate reader, fan of photography and painting, collector of books and friends, walker, conversationalist, at times, you can say anything less than leading a mediocre life. ” To give the reason to Julio Llamazares, his countryman and Leonese colleague, whose portrait is this, this juvenile prosecutor makes the books one of his judicial instruments. Before sending the books to the reformatory, and if the children do not start reading or writing, then the trial is imposed.

He believes that books serve “to raise the bar of life”, to make it not derail.
The life of the boys is threatened “by addictions that, as some say, make this culture into criminogen , full of hurry to arrive without preparation or merits … We encourage adults, as exhibitionists with raincoats, teaching the kids our shame of all kinds, banishing calm reading, the disappearance of the humanities, a life in a hurry that goes through the business and not the study at a time when nobody knows for sure where it is going. “

This rush to take has its reflection in the premature crimes. Fierro fights them by making them read or reflect in writing on the facts that take them to court. “Like I’m done a carca, a boomer, as the kids call us, we are not able to explain anything to them. Hey, I tell you, we don’t know where we are going, but we know where we came from and we want to tell you! We’ll help you anyway. And yet it is hard for us to be left. “He does not have a preset list of books that can get the best out of the boys, isolate them from the bad things that surround them.” I talk about classics that are not very brave. Sometimes we talk to them about The science tree , by Pío Baroja, or what is recommended in schools, to get them to think. Many mornings, if we have time I ask for their tastes and I get into the figure of the teacher-teacher. As George Steiner said, we have the right to raise the bar of your tastes and your joys. ”

“Few things can be as rewarding as enjoying the creations of the spirit of those who have preceded us. Music, reading, literature, adolescent love … Are there more things worthwhile at those ages? I can’t think of it. ” Their books (A room in Europe, Half life …) they are, he says, the work of “a grateful reader.” Are the boys grateful that he tries to get them away from crime by making them read? “I think so, because many do not return to court. Sometimes they ask us how many we have re-socialized with this extrajudicial task. I do not take account, the statistics are for politicians. I do feel gratitude when I meet them, sometimes in the early in the morning, and they themselves express what they feel for the hand that we have extended to them. Why can’t these pleasures discover all these mendruguillos that are all the time with the mobile, smoking the petas of Mary? “
“Yonqui of reading”, Avelino Fierro says that reading “raises the bar of life.” It assures you a trip away from the addictions that have made society “in a hurry.”


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