Bono emphasizes that without the lawyers of Atocha and without the PCE there would be no democracy

The former minister José Bono, who exercised the particular accusation in the slaughter of the lawyers of Atocha of 1977, has stressed this Friday his "great joy" for the delivery to Spain of the murderer Carlos García Juliá and recalled that without his victims and without the PCE today Spain would have no Constitution or democracy.

Bono, in declarations to the journalists, has shown his desire that García Juliá "serve until the last day" of conviction "for that terrible crime they committed" against his fellow lawyers and, in addition, be judged for breaking the sentence after His escape to America.

The former minister and former president of Congress and Castilla-La Mancha has advanced that he will try with the rest of his companions of the particular accusation to appear in the process "even if it is only to honor the memory of those who gave their lives for freedom and they became protagonists of democracy that we enjoy today. "

"There are many people who claim the prominence of freedom and it is a good day to remember that without the lawyers of Atocha and without a PCE to which I never belonged, but who fought selflessly and generously for freedom, today we would not have a country like the one we have with Constitution, human rights and democracy so advanced, "he said.

And he recalled that García Juliá never regretted his crimes and used almost as "mitigating" the argument that he had shot at communist lawyers: "It was what 40 years of dictatorship and reproach had tried to teach the Spanish, so seen killing communists was a mitigating, "he warned.


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