Bonet considers the "brexit" a "monumental" error

Bonet considers the "brexit" a "monumental" error

The president of the Freixenet group and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, José Luis Bonet, has assured this Friday that it is a "monumental error" both the departure from the United Kingdom of the EU and the proposal that raises the independence of Catalonia.

"The Catalan separatists are wrong," said Bonet, referring to the position of those who "want to leave Spain in Spain", something that has been considered as erratic as the Brexit.

In his opinion, "it does not make sense to load a system that really is very good" and that has given Spain very good results with the help of Europe, although there are some issues to correct.

In this regard, has alluded to the "giant leap" that has given the country to "get into Europe" and has defended a strong Europe in a global context of globalization and struggle for hegemony between two powers such as the US and China.

In this context, he has advocated strengthening the European project and the EU to ally with Ibero-America, an alliance in which Portugal and, above all, Spain constitute "a bridge".

Faced with this position has opposed the one of those who go "in counter-direction".

The head of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain has defended the application in Spain of a "social market economy" in which entrepreneurs are the "engine" and the politicians who run the country should consult because "if they do not hear Businessmen are wrong, "although once they have been heard, the decision makers are the ones who make the decisions.

He underlined the "social function" carried out by the bodies and work in favor of the internationalization of Spanish companies.

For this reason, he has claimed that both the central government and the regional governments that have not yet done so financially support the Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Bonet has visited in Zamora a nursery of companies of the Chamber of Commerce of this province and the sheep meat industry Moralejo Selección, in addition to handing over the cameral gold medal to which he was for twenty years president of the Chamber of Zamora and for eleven president of the regional council of Chambers of Castilla y León, Manuel Vidal.


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