Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Bond of 6,000 euros for the imprisoned young activist

Fianza de 6.000 euros para Rut, la activista encarcelada en una manifestación contra Vox

A judge has set a bail of 6,000 euros for the young imprisoned activist for the incidents of last Saturday, March 30, during the manifestation against the act of Vox in Barcelona, so that he could get out of jail next Monday, according to Efe police sources have confirmed.

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The bond will have to be deposited in the account of the investigating court number 16 of Barcelona, ​​which will not be operative until next Monday, day 8, when the young woman will be able to leave the prison, the same sources have assured.

The activist, named Ruth, had been in prison since Sunday, accused of a crime of attack against the authority that he had committed the day before during the demonstration against the act of Vox in Barcelona, ​​when the police arrested six more people.

Just this Friday, the Platform Rut Libertad, has called a demonstration before the Ministry of the Interior of Barcelona, ​​to protest the transfer of his partner, who this morning has been transferred from the prison of Wad-Ras to the prison of Brians I.

The platform Rut Libertad has appealed to the public for the payment of the deposit

According to the same platform, the transfer has been caused by "fear of social protests" and is that, in fact, on Monday hundreds of people seconded the concentration in solidarity with Ruth, in an act that began before the Ministry of the Interior and ended at the gates of the Wad-Ras prison in Barcelona.

Rut Libertad, through social networks, has appealed to the public to request an economic collaboration that facilitates the payment of the bond of 6,000 euros set by the judge.

The demonstration called on Saturday by pro-independence groups against the party led by Santiago Abascal resulted in seven detainees, several injured and numerous incidents between demonstrators and the Mossos d'Esquadra in the vicinity of the Plaza de España.

Of the seven people arrested by the regional police, six were released, while one of them, Ruth, was sent on Sunday to provisional detention, communicated and without bail, in a case opened for attack to the authority, although finally the judge has imposed bail.

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