March 7, 2021

Bon Jovi and the 'playback', trick or treat?

The networks burned before the supposed forbidden word. «Playback». In the videos recorded by some of his fans in the first concerts of the Bon Jovi tour, the alarms would be heard when the singer's voice was heard when he was away from the microphone. The one of New Jersey, that to its 57 years does not preserve the jet of voice that it owned when it composed "Livin On a Prayer", could be leaning on vocal tracks to help you reach the most demanding highs, or simply as an accompaniment in the form of choirs. But let us not be alarmed yet, that more than 50,000 people will witness their abilities this Sunday in the Metropolitan Wanda, and surely nobody is disappointed. The Navarrese Marea will be the opening act of the American, as announced in a message on networks: "He has called us the jersey from New Jersey and, after thinking about it, we said yes," they commented with irony. Bon Jovi presents his new album, "This House is Not For Sale", which had a very considerable sales, but can not miss the repertoire of Madrid (where it did not stop since 2013) the well-known "Livin 'On A Prayer", « You Give Love To Bad Name »,« Wanted Dead or Alive »and, of course,« It's my Life ». Tickets are sold out, although the musician will charter a cruise from Palma de Mallorca this summer, from August 26 to 30, with 2,500 fans on board with whom he will share confidences and acoustic songs.

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