March 6, 2021

Bon Jovi achieves absolute majority

The expectation was maximum to receive Jon Bon Jovi in ​​Madrid. Rocker soul, handsome face. That's the one from New Jersey. Quoting Carmina News, chulito on the outside, soft inside. Understand as praise, because that is the brand of the house: mass idol, "sexy singer", good hair and better smile. But that's not why (only) that Bon Jovi has some of the greatest hits of radio rock in history, cross-cutting themes like his audience last night in the Metropolitan Wanda: more than 50,000 souls among which there were heavies veterans and young women of this century. He is no longer the "glam rock" kid of the eighties with the voice of impossible highs, but who remains of the glam rock of the eighties anyway? His presentation in Madrid was incontestable from beginning to end and irreproachable in attitude, sound and repertoire.

"This House Is Not For Sale" was the first ovation and the first unanimous choirs, absolute majority devotion. That is the DNA of Bon Jovi understood as a group: the stadiums, the masses, the majorities. They have been bursting for three decades, they invented the model, the style. Just as no one fits into the mold of Bon Jovi, his songs really work at full volume, they make all the sense when 50,000 people obey "Raise Your Hands". Some heavy purists will criticize them for being soft, but in reality, what may bother them is success. Because Bon Jovi is as commercial as all popular music is sooner than later. Or as Iron Maiden. And "You Give Love to Bad Name" would have raised two stadiums together last night. After "Born to be my baby" and "Roller coaster", it turned out that Bon Jovi Yes, he remembered when he was 21 years old, purple pants and combed hair. It was before playing "Runaway", which belongs to the youth of his repertoire, that his audience thanks him most and that continues to function as a magnificent rock & roll theme.

We were very attentive to see if Bon Jovi separated from the microphone and the voice kept sounding magically. Because the New Jersey was preceded by rumors about his vocal status due to videos posted on social networks that suggested he relied on pre-recorded tracks. If it was helped by some trick, it was not in "Keep The Faith" or in a baladon as "Bed of Roses", or indeed in "It's My Life", although the audience's chorus was so massive that it is difficult to secure anything. That subject was once a commercial steamroller of such caliber that it sums up the career of the American band. It was produced by Max Martin (Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and many other best sellers) with one goal: to conquer the world at the turn of the millennium. And boy did he. As real as the 50,000 that last night did not leave a hole or a second in the Metropolitan Wanda.

In any case, faced with the doubts generated, the American showed a good state of general form, wrapped by an excellent band and some lifeguards that are almost the singing voice in the highs of "Lay Your Hands On Me", for example. The overall balance was overwhelming. He fell "Bad Medicine" and said goodbye, in full delirium, with "Livin 'On a Prayer", a song that clearly does not reach the voice, but that works as a theme to keep faith in him, for believers and co-religionists, an argument against unbelievers.

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