BOMBSHELL! This is the KNOWN and NEW LOVE of Christian Gálvez

BOMBSHELL!  This is the KNOWN and NEW LOVE of Christian Gálvez

Although 2022 is being a year plagued with breakups by the famous of our country, a good and surprising news has landed in the world of the heart leaving everyone speechless.

The protagonist of this news is, neither more nor less, than the presenter of Telecinco, Christian Galvezwho would have started a new relationship with one of the most important presenters of the chain.

This new romance would be, with complete certainty, a shock in the life of the communicator who, a few months ago, announced that he was putting end point to your marriage 11 years old with the Spanish gymnast Almudena Cid.

"Plittle by little the illusion will settle in me for all that I have left to live and learn", read one of the last photographs that the Madrid presenter published on his Instagram. And, apparently, his wish has come true.

The corridors of Mediaset have witnessed how a new relationship has been forged that has now come to light and with which, according to sources close to the couple, they are tremendously happy.

But, Who is the woman who has managed to put Christian Gálvez's broken heart back together?

The spring couple

The news has generated such a stir that both Christian and his new partner will have to prepare to be the target of the press and the paparazzi during these coming weeks.

In addition, the presenter's new love takes on a different hue when it is known that it is Patricia Brownthe presenter and journalist of The Ana Rosa Program, the woman who has conquered the man from Madrid.

The complicity between them was more than evident, but now, when both are single and recently separated, it seems that they have decided to unleash their passion and let that complicity mutate into love.

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