BOMBSHELL! Gloria Camila STRIKES WITHOUT MERCY against Antonio David Flores

Outraged, direct, clearer than ever and setting an authentic and historical precedent.

This was the last intervention of Gloria Camila Ortegadaughter of Rocío Jurado and sister of Rocío Carrasco, in 'It's already eight' the society program presented by Sonsoles Ónega on Telecinco.

The issuance of the last installment of Montealto: return to the house had a special program The papers of the Rota, what exposed the shame of the Mohedano family after Rocío Carrasco brought to light a total of 48 documents that collect the statements that were made before the court of La Rota in which they recognized the facts recounted by the daughter of 'La más Grande' during these months.

A program that has not only unleashed a media storm again, but has also caused one of the people who has most refused to believe Rocío Carrasco's version, her sister Gloria Camila, to now step forward and position himself against Antonio David Flores.

The young woman has sat on the set of it's already eight o'clock and he has spoken like never before, banging on the table and causing a plot twist with which shoots his niece's father dew flowers.

So have been the incendiary and controversial statements by Gloria Camila with which it has cracked, even more, the stability of the Mohedano - Flores clan.

"If I had lived all that, I would not have a relationship with him today"

Gloria Camila has made history by being the only one of the media family of Rocío Carrasco who has been able to stand next to his sister after the broadcast of the painful documentary that confirms the testimony shared by her older sister.

His words were, without a doubt, the most anticipated and The young woman did not disappoint when it came to confessing what she felt after watching the program in which his own mother, Rocío Jurado, confessed in the Rota court that she was aware of the personal drama that Rocío Carrasco lived through for years.

Very direct, slow and looking at the camera, Gloria Camila did not leave anything out and pointed directly at Antonio David Flores. "There are things I have seen that I find them embarrassing, there are other attitudes that I find regrettable”, he said before the surprised face of his companions.

In addition, the young woman made a confession that left the entire set silent. "If I had lived all that I would not have a relationship with him today. There are things that I did not know and I see them now and they seem unfortunate to me, ”he assured, referring to Antonio David.

When asked about the reason that continues to keep him close to the former collaboratorGloria assured that he does it because "he is the father of my nephews, who are the ones that matter to me in this story."

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