March 2, 2021

Bombings with dead people resumed in Idlib as Syrian troops advance

The air and artillery attacks have resumed this Sunday after a calm weekend in the province of Idlib in northwestern Syria, which has left two dead as Syrian troops move rapidly through the south of the province of Aleppo to control one of the most important highways in the country.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights has recorded this Sunday “more than 200 bombings” in Idlib and Aleppo, leaving a dead civilian in the village of Ketian, north of the city of Idlib, capital of the homonymous province considered the last opposing stronghold in the country, as well as another by artillery of the Syrian Army in Yisr al Shugur, in the southwest of Idlib.

In addition, three other civilians were killed by bombing of Russian planes in Urom al Sugra, in western Aleppo, the Syrian Civil Defense, known as the “white helmets” and operating in areas beyond the control of Damascus and the Observatory, reported.

These new victims occur after two days of relative calm in Idlib, in which there had been no air strikes after an intensive week that left dozens of civilians dead, according to the UN.

“The aerial bombings are now centered in the south and southwest of Aleppo,” Rami Abderrahman, director of the Observatory, whose headquarters is in the United Kingdom but has a wide network of collaborators on the ground, told Efe today.

The spokesman for the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces, Ali Maihub, said Sunday in a televised speech that the Syrian Army “will continue to carry out its tasks freeing every inch of Syrian territory from terrorism.”

Idlib and western Aleppo are practically dominated by the Liberation Agency of the Levant, an Islamist alliance that includes the Syrian al Qaeda ex-affiliate, which Russia and Syria consider “terrorist.”

After capturing yesterday the city of Saraqeb, in eastern Idlib, the Syrian forces with the coverage of their ally Russia continue advancing through southern Aleppo with the aim of controlling the M5 motorway, key because it links the two most important cities in Syria : Damascus and Aleppo.

The land operation towards the city of Idlib has been temporarily halted and at a time when Russia and Turkey, a supporter of the opposition, are negotiating on the future of the region.

“The operations of the (Syrian) regime have been displaced not for fear of the Turks, but for completing dominance over the Damascus-Aleppo international highway,” said Abderrahman.


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