May 18, 2021

Bolton sees "hopeful signs" in Latin America with Bolsonaro, Macri and Duque

Bolton sees "hopeful signs" in Latin America with Bolsonaro, Macri and Duque

The National Security Adviser of the White House, John Bolton, today was optimistic about the "hopeful signs" that are seen in Latin America, especially with the "enormous change" that is the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro to Brazil, against the " troika of tyranny "composed of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

"There are many encouraging signs in Latin America right now," Bolton stressed at a conference organized by the Wall Street Journal financial newspaper in a downtown Washington hotel.

Bolton mentioned the governments of Mauricio Macri, in Argentina, and Iván Duque, in Colombia; as well as Bolsonaro's victory in the presidential elections in Brazil, which he has described as a "historic opportunity".

"The arrival of Bolsonaro is a huge change from the past," he added about the Brazilian president-elect, with whom he held a meeting this weekend in Rio de Janeiro.

Therefore, Bolton stressed his optimism "about the prospects for more reinforced relations with these key countries in ways not seen since the collapse of the Soviet Union."

He contrasted this positive regional panorama with the "problems" that suppose "Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela", countries that he has baptized as "the troika of tyranny".

"We have to face these regimes and free their people, I believe that throughout the continent it is not just a US project, it is increasingly a project of all democratic countries in the region," he said.

The government of US President Donald Trump has imposed several rounds of economic sanctions on Nicolás Maduro's government in Venezuela and Daniel Ortega's government in Nicaragua, and has backed off in the opening to Cuba promoted by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Trump made his first trip to Latin America this weekend since he arrived at the White House in January 2017 to participate in the G20 summit that took place in Argentina, but has so far shown little interest in the region beyond his neighbor Mexico, and its criticisms of Cuba and Venezuela.


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