Bolsonaro will spend Christmas at the base of the Navy in Rio before his investiture

Bolsonaro will spend Christmas at the base of the Navy in Rio before his investiture

The elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, disembarked today at the naval base of the Restringa de la Marambaia, a Navy facility that has a paradisiacal reserved beach and in which he will spend the period of the Christmas holidays before his investiture.

The future head of state, who will assume the presidency on January 1, traveled to the facilities of the Navy accompanied by his son Carlos, one of its main advisers during the election campaign, while his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro and his little daughter They will arrive on Monday, according to one of their advisors.

Bolsonaro will take refuge with his family in Marambaia, a naval base in the state of Rio with paradisiacal beaches and restricted access that has been used as a resting place by most Brazilian presidents.

Bolsonaro is scheduled to return to Rio next Thursday to prepare for the meeting he will hold on Friday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has also confirmed his attendance at the inauguration ceremony of Bolsonaro, winner of the presidential elections in October and who will succeed the current president, Michel Temer.

The right-wing has expressed its intention to strengthen relations with Israel and has already conveyed its desire to move the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, following in the footsteps of the United States.

The decision, which was received with pleasure by the Jewish community, has provoked an upset among the Arab countries and could put at stake the commercial relations of the South American country with the Arab countries, one of the main buyers of meat from Brazil.


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