Bolsonaro tries to build bridges to reform pensions after criticism

Bolsonaro tries to build bridges to reform pensions after criticism

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, met this Sunday with the leader of the Government in the Lower House, Major Vitor Hugo, to study the political articulation necessary for the approval of the controversial reform of the pension system after the criticism received from the Congress.

Upon returning from his official visit to Chile, Bolsonaro received in the presidential palace of Planalto the deputy Vitor Hugo, with whom he discussed the issue of pension reform, the center of a confrontation that took place this weekend between the far right leader and the president from the Lower Chamber, Rodrigo Maia.

Bolsonaro and Maia, responsible for marking the pace of voting in Congress, exchanged harsh accusations that tensed the relationship between the government and Congress, which could hinder the approval of the reform.

The president of the Lower House questioned Bolsonaro's lack of leadership and dialogue in the political articulation, while the head of state responded from Chile that the responsibility for the reform to move forward is in the hands of Congress, while criticizing again the "old policy".

In the midst of the crisis unleashed by the exchange of statements, Bolsonaro and Vitor Hugo, both from the Social Liberal Party (PSL), addressed the issue of political coordination this Sunday, the deputy said at the end of the meeting.

The legislator said he will work for an approximation between the Executive and the Legislative in order to take forward the reform, which the financial market considers necessary to rebalance the battered public accounts of the country and ensure the credibility of the Government.

"We are going to walk for an approximation", guaranteed the deputy.

The reform of the retirement regime, which will harden the access to this benefit and that the Government intends to approve this year, will require the votes of three fifths of both the deputies and the senators and in two shifts.

However, this new pension system faces resistance even in the PSL, which served as an electoral platform for Bolsonaro and which, despite being the first minority in the Chamber of Deputies, only has 54 of the 513 seats, which obliges to an arduous negotiation.

One of the most novel points of the general proposal presented by the Government is the establishment of a minimum age to access retirement of 62 years for women and 65 years for men, since the current rules facilitate that in some cases Retirements can be made before age 50.


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