Bolsonaro says that Brazil does not deserve to be governed from jail

Right-wing deputy Jair Bolsonaro, the candidate who leads the polls on Sunday's presidential elections in Brazil, said today that the country does not deserve to be governed from prison, in a clear reference to incarcerated former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

"Our country does not deserve to be governed from inside the prison or by its political godchildren disguised as options, but with the same essence that destroys us," the controversial candidate said in a message posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

Bolsonaro is the favorite according to the polls, with 32% of the sympathies, ahead of the Socialist Fernando Haddad, with 21%, which was chosen by Lula himself as his successor as a candidate of the Workers' Party (PT) for the presidential elections.

According to the polls, since no candidate will get more than half of the votes on Sunday, Bolsonaro and Haddad will have to measure themselves in a second round on October 28, in which they are technically tied in intention to vote.

Haddad took office last month after the electoral Justice disqualified Lula for being imprisoned and serving a 12-year sentence for corruption already confirmed in the second instance.

In his message on Twitter this Wednesday, the extreme right-wing, a defender of the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil between 1964 and 1985 and controversial for his statements of macho, racist and homophobic, reminded the scandals of corruption in the PT governments, mainly the one uncovered by the Lava Jato operation, which discovered giant detours in the state oil company Petrobras.

"We do not allow them to control the media and the internet and put an end to Lava Jato," Bolsonaro added, referring to an old project by Lula and his allies to regulate the media.

"We are going to join together to prevent them from destroying Brazil," he added in a message in which he highlighted his status as an "anti-PT" symbol, which has helped him attract millions of followers.

According to a survey released by Datafolha on Tuesday, 51% of Brazilians consider that Lula must remain in prison, 8% believe that he should continue to be condemned but in house arrest and only 37% defend his release.

Among voters in Bolsonaro, 82% request that the former head of state remain in jail, while 78% of those who intend to vote in Haddad defend their release.

The ex-governor, considered the most charismatic politician in the history of Brazil, was sentenced to 12 years and 1 month in prison by a court of second instance, which proved that he received a beach apartment as a bribe for having tolerated the detours in Petrobras .


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