Bolsonaro says he wants to "exploit" the Amazon together with the United States

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro expressed his desire to "exploit" the Brazilian Amazon together with the United States and his intention to "revise" the demarcation of indigenous reserves in the South American country.

Bolsonaro, in power since January 1, again criticized the "demarcation industry" of indigenous lands in Brazil and argued that Indians and descendants of slaves can "sell or exploit" their land as "consider better" .

"The demarcations of land that I can review, I will review," said the president, who questioned some of the reports that allowed the delimitation of indigenous reserves in Brazil.

One of Bolsonaro's first steps as president of Brazil was to transfer from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of Agriculture, which defends the interests of large rural landowners, the responsibility of delimiting indigenous reserves.

The measure was harshly criticized by non-governmental organizations, which the president has accused of "exploiting and manipulating" the Indians, and by the Prosecutor General of Brazil, which considers the indigenist policy advocated by the new government unconstitutional.

The head of state, who on Wednesday celebrates 100 days in office, considered that there is a "wrong policy on the Amazon" and reiterated that the "demarcation industry" of indigenous lands started in 1992, during the government of President Fernando Collor de Mello, prevents the development of that region.

"70% of the Indians have our culture and they want the development of the land," he added.

During the interview, the captain of the Army Reserve mentioned the mineral wealth of the state of Roraima, bordering Guyana and Venezuela, and said that, in his visit to the United States, he transferred to President Donald Trump his desire to exploit the Amazon region jointly.

He also reiterated his intention to preserve the environment in Brazil, but not "in the Shiite way," as has been done so far, he said.


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